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Kona's Winter Adventures: A National Train Your Dog Month Update

Hey, fabulous readers!

Amidst the ever-changing winter weather, Kona and I have remained unwavering in our dedication to BraveQuest K9 Training. Last week, heavy snowfall covered the landscape, creating a snowy wonderland that Kona absolutely loved. This week, as the weather shifts back to the typical Pacific Northwest rain-filled skies, we're excited to resume our regular training and walking routines.

Despite the varying weather conditions, we've been diligently working on brain teasers and training games indoors to keep Kona's mind and body active. This week, Kona will be gearing up for a new trick – jumping over my legs. We're looking forward to trying this exciting challenge now that he's getting a handle on more basic commands and behaviours.

While he's not quite at 100% perfection every time, Kona's progress is nothing short of amazing, and we couldn't be happier. There's been a remarkable reduction in his jumping on everyone, barking at strangers, and even at the patio window. Now, walks, once anxiety-inducing, are a source of joy for him. The 'go to his room' command has become a favourite, providing him with a fun and safe retreat.

In addition, we've been working on his 'GO TO' command variations (go to grandma, go to momma, go to your room), and we're eagerly anticipating the addition of more exciting tricks as he solidifies his basic commands.

Amidst the snowy weather, Kona mastered a new command - 'bring it,' not only fetching toys from my office but also delivering them to me in the living room or dining room - most the time. He's also aced a pup-tastic version of the shell game. His boundless enthusiasm for play and learning has us thrilled to see how far he can go!

Pumping gas used to be a nightmare as Kona anxiously barked to "defend" his space against the gas jockeys. Now, it's a whole different story – he's relaxed, calm, and not a peep from him. It was a significant win for us, especially in those enclosed spaces where barks can be extra loud. OUCH!

Another breakthrough – Kona no longer loses his mind (the majority of the time) when people knock at the door and enter the apartment. It's a testament to his growing calmness and focus.

Our homework this week revolves around extending the duration of commands, introducing more distractions, and continuing to work his brain and body. Kona's transformation is already incredible, and we're excited to witness how much farther this spirited pup can fly.

Remember, consistency is key, and putting in the effort for the homework assignments each week pays off in the long run. Kona's journey is proof that a little dedication goes a long way.

 If your pup is needing a few pointers to help with those "quirks" you're struggling with, be sure to give Irene from Bravequest K9 a call, especially during National Train Your Dog Month!

Stay tuned for more updates on our National Train Your Dog Month triumphs coming next week!

Wags, woofs, and a touch of winter magic,

Jennifer & Kona 🐾


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