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a main coon cat sitting in the grass beside a gravel driveway
A Legacy of Love & Light

Honouring the Legacy of Poly-Ana (2009-2022)

Poly-Ana, my faithful feline companion, was more than just a pet – she was family. Her playful pounces, gentle head butts, and loving gazes illuminated my life. When she crossed the rainbow bridge, she left behind a profound emptiness, but also a spark of inspiration that ignited my passion for pet photography.

Through the Lens, A Tribute to Poly-Ana

As I captured her essence through the lens, I found solace in preserving the memories of our time together. Each click was a tribute to her memory and a celebration of the unbreakable bonds we share with our furry friends. This page is a testament to her enduring spirit, the driving force behind my passion for pet photography.

Weaving Stories, Capturing Hearts

Join me in honouring not only your own pets but the beloved companions of others, weaving their stories into timeless images that capture the heartwarming connections they bring to our lives. Let's create some magic with your fur kids and celebrate the love, laughter, and adventures you share!

Let's Capture the Paw-some Moments Together!


Welcome to Paws & Tails Pet Photography!

I'm Jennifer, and my story is woven with the threads of furry companionship, a passion for preserving heartwarming moments, and a dash of creativity. With my trusty sidekick, Kona Bean, my 2-year-old mini Labradoodle, I'm on a mission to capture the enchanting connections that form between pets and their humans right here in Abbotsford, BC.

Cherishing the Fleeting Moments

As a dedicated pet parent, I've learned that our time with these beloved creatures is short, and every tail wag, every wet noseprint, and every twinkle in their eyes deserves to be treasured. That's why I'm dedicated to capturing not just images but the very essence of your pet's spirit.

Unveiling the Unique

From rescues to movie star pups, each unique personality that graces my frame holds a story waiting to be told. My journey as a pet photographer has taught me that there's beauty in imperfection and poetry in the everyday moments we share with our fur kids.

Preserving the Love

I'm here to capture the laughter, the quiet companionship, and the unconditional love that binds pets and their families. With each click of the shutter, I preserve these fleeting moments, ensuring they remain etched in your heart for years to come.

Let's Create Timeless Memories Together!

It would be my privilege to be part of your pet's journey, crafting photographs that mirror the joy, love, and magic they bring into your life. Let's embark on this adventure together and immortalize the story that only you and your furry companion share.

Don't Wait, Book Your Session Today!

Beyond Snapshots: Immortalizing Moments, Celebrating Bonds

At Paws & Tails Pet Photography, we don't just take pictures – we craft an experience that immortalizes your pet's unique journey and the unbreakable bond you share. Each session is a joyous celebration of your furry companion's quirks, a heartfelt tribute to their sparkling personality captured in stunning, archival-quality artwork.

Capturing the Essence of Your Pet

My approach is all about understanding what makes your pet tick. From mischievous glints to reassuring nuzzles, I seek to capture the moments that define them. My curated sessions are designed to encapsulate the heartwarming rituals and everyday joys that make your life richer.

Artwork that Speaks to the Heart

With an artist's eye and a heart for the pet-human connection, we aim to create artwork that echoes the depth of your relationship. Our archival-quality pieces preserve your memories for generations, becoming treasured family heirlooms.

A Journey as Special as Your Pet

Whether you're welcoming a new furry family member or cherishing the moments with a senior companion, Paws & Tails Pet Photography offers an experience as unique and special as your pet. Join us on this journey, where every photograph tells the heartwarming story of your fur kid and the love that binds you.

Browse Our Portfolio & See the Magic!

a handsome pup sitting on the beach

Paws & Tails Pet Photography: A Journey of Joy & Memories


Don't just take my word for it! Hear from the pet parents who've experienced the magic of Paws & Tails Pet Photography. Here's what they have to say about their unforgettable sessions:

Real Stories from Happy Clients

Experience the Magic for Yourself

Ready to create unforgettable memories with your furry friend? Let's capture the joy, love, and laughter that makes your pet special. Book your session today and let's create some tail-wagging magic together!

2019 March 1  Allstars Adventure-15.jpg
Dogs are my passion and believe me when I say I have a LOT of photos of my dogs. Some of my very favorites were captured by Jennifer from Paws and Tails Pet photography! My dogs absolutely love Jenn, she is able to connect with them even from behind the camera. The photos she has taken of my pups are so vibrant, and really reflect the true emotions of the moment - I can look at one of her shots from years ago, and it brings a flood of memories back... not just about the day, but the happiness of that very moment. Jennifer is always improving her techniques; I love working with a photographer who is so committed to ongoing education and self-improvement. It means I am always surprised and impressed with the quality of her work, each and every time we do a shoot! It only gets better. She is able to take stunning portraits, and more technical trick and group photos that require communication and planning. Her patience and fun-loving attitude mean no pressure - just smiles and laughs! Working with Paws and Tails Pet Photography has always been an all-around great experience! Thank you for the lovely photos and all the fun times over the years, Jennifer!
Stephanie Stanton Linder - Allstars K9 Training
2019 March 1  Allstars Adventure-6.jpg

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