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a dark horse standing on a path surrounded by trees

Giving Back: A Paw-sitive Impact

At Paws & Tails Pet Photography, my love for animals extends beyond capturing their portraits. I'm committed to making a paw-sitive impact in our community and beyond. Here are three meaningful ways I give back:

a rescue pup licking her nose

Animal Rescue Adoption Photos

I'm passionate about helping rescue animals find their forever homes. I offer my photography services to local animal shelters and rescue organizations, capturing the heartwarming essence of these deserving pets.


Through my lens, I aim to showcase their unique personalities, hoping to make their adoption journey smoother and their transition into a loving family seamless.

Supporting Rescues, One Photo at a Time:

I'm dedicated to helping local rescues shine brighter. If you're a rescue organization seeking to showcase your pets in the best light, let's team up! Contact me to learn more about our complimentary adoption photo services.

a handsome pup posing looking at the camera

Featured Charity of the Month Program

Every quarter, I shine a spotlight on a local charity that's making a difference in the lives of pets and their human companions. My Featured Charity program allows me to raise awareness and support for various animal-related causes.


A portion of the proceeds from photography sessions booked during the month is donated to the featured charity. It's my way of giving back and helping these organizations continue their important work.

With every click of our camera, I aim to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of animals and the happiness they bring to our lives. Through our giving-back initiatives, I hope to create a brighter future for pets in need and foster a stronger sense of community among pet lovers. Thank you for joining us in making a difference!

Shine a Light on Your Cause:

Charities and non-profits, I'm here to amplify your message! Become a Featured Charity and let your story be told through captivating images. Reach out today and let's make a difference together.

11x14 mounted watercolor chico.jpg

Silent Auction Donations

I believe in supporting causes that align with my love for pets and the well-being of animals. To contribute to fundraising efforts, I provide silent auction donations of my photography services. These donations help raise funds for animal shelters, rescue groups, and other organizations dedicated to improving the lives of our furry friends.

Capture Hearts and Bids:

Calling all non-profits hosting auctions! My photography donation can help your silent auction stand out. Get in touch to discuss how we can contribute to your fundraising success.

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