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Do you love giving back?
So do I! Here is how your sessions help our local community!

I've always been passionate about lending a helping paw to the numerous local non-profits that help many animals in need in our community. 

With your help, we can keep lending those great causes a greatly needed helping paw by: 

*booking sessions (10% of all sales are donated to the featured charity each quarter)
*participating in our quarterly photo fundraising events 
*spreading the word about local featured charities
*nominating your favorite local charities to be featured

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a rescue pup licking her nose

Rescue pet portraits

My adopted furkids inspired me to become a professional pet photographer and capture the beautiful journeys of other unique pets and their favorite humans. 

Being rescued felines, they also inspired me to join Hearts Speak in 2016. Hearts Speak is an organization dedicated to lending a helping paw to local rescue groups to ensure that no shelter pet goes unseen. A mission I couldn't be more passionate about! This means I donate my skill and time to photographing adoptable furkids seeking their happy tails to help increase their odds of adoption by 60%. 

If you're a local rescue group that could use a helping paw with photos or know of a local rescue needing a helping paw, be sure to give me a bark!

PS If you'd like to see me in action, check out this video from Shaw Go! West Coast did in 2015 of me behind the scenes!

a handsome pup posing looking at the camera

lending a helping paw

My featured charity program is a particular passion of mine. 

Each quarter, I chose an excellent local animal rescue or non-profit charity that needs a helping paw.  So, with your help, we give them four helping paws up throughout the quarter in a few unique ways.

First, during that quarter, 10% of all sessions and artwork sales get donated back to this great cause!

During that time, I also share more information about them with the public online, including information on how you can lend them a helping paw via social media posts and blog posts on my website.  From volunteering to donations, events, adoptions, their origin stories, and everything in between.  

I also coordinate a Passion Paws Photo Fundraising Event with them and often a local business partner, each quarter with a fun theme and partial proceeds going to them whenever possible. So if you are a local shop that would like to help with these special events, give me a bark!

If you're a local animal rescue or charity that needs a helping paw and want to become a part of my featured charity program, give me a bark at the link below!  

11x14 mounted watercolor chico.jpg

silent auction donations

Who doesn't love a fabulous silent auction event?! Every year I lend a helping paw to as many local animal rescue groups and non-profits as with their silent auction fundraising events by donating items for the auction. 

I also let everyone know about the event and other ways to participate or lend a helping paw via my website's blog and my social media pages! 

So if you are a local animal non-profit or rescue with an upcoming silent auction and need items for it, give me a bark!

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