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Let's capture every unforgettable tail-wagging, muddy paw-filled, wet noseprint-covered moment with your fur-kids.

Passionate About Fur-kids

Welcome to Paws & Tails Pet Photography!  I'm Jennifer – a photographer, artist, pet parent, and a firm believer in being genuine in all aspects of life.

Pets have always been my anchor throughout life's ups and downs with their unconditional love and loyal companionship.  After adopting my two cats in 2009, I enjoyed sharing their quirks and our journey with family and friends who were far away.  So, it was thanks to my own adorable furry kids that I delved into pet photography, giving birth to Paws & Tails Pet Photography in 2012.

With 11 years of experience as a professional pet photographer, I have worked with countless pets of various training levels and unique personalities.  With numerous tips up my sleeve, our sessions focus on capturing your furkid's true personality, character, heart, and soul.  For more information about me and my photography, contact me today!

Have you ever wondered what pet photography is all about?

At Paws & Tails Pet Photography, we go beyond just snapping a few pics of your pet during your session.​

We guide you in choosing the perfect location, answer all your queries, and even assist in selecting the best artwork for your home and budget during our Meet & Treat and Reveal Sessions.​

Above all, we make sure you and your furry (or not-so-furry) buddy are completely comfortable, secure, and joyful to capture those genuine, heartwarming moments between you and your pet.​

Our mission is to create more than just a quick photo - it's to preserve a beautiful memory of your pet that you can cherish in your home forever.​

We believe photography is about capturing memories and emotions. So, let us help you create stunning artwork that makes Fido's tail wag with joy and brings you closer to their happy paws each time you gaze at your masterpiece.​

Curious about pet photography? Visit our FAQ page, or give us a bark!

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A weimerimer pup walking on a sandy beach
Trio of dogs standing on a set of concrete steps

What Clients Say

Dogs are my passion and believe me when I say I have a LOT of photos of my dogs. Some of my very favorites were captured by Jennifer from Paws and Tails Pet photography! My dogs absolutely love Jenn, she is able to connect with them even from behind the camera. The photos she has taken of my pups are so vibrant, and really reflect the true emotions of the moment - I can look at one of her shots from years ago, and it brings a flood of memories back... not just about the day, but the happiness of that very moment. Jennifer is always improving her techniques; I love working with a photographer who is so committed to ongoing education and self-improvement. It means I am always surprised and impressed with the quality of her work, each and every time we do a shoot! It only gets better. She is able to take stunning portraits, and more technical trick and group photos that require communication and planning. Her patience and fun-loving attitude mean no pressure - just smiles and laughs! Working with Paws and Tails Pet Photography has always been an all-around great experience! Thank you for the lovely photos and all the fun times over the years, Jennifer!
Stephanie Stanton Linder - Allstars K9 Training

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A close up of a wimerimer pup running on a gravel driveway surrounded by greenery

I'd love to capture your incredible adventures & once in a lifetime love story with your furkids because our journey with our furkids is all too short and deserves to be celebrated.

Peeping Dog
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