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Let's capture your extraordinary story and celebrate your remarkable journey with your furkids.

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The journeys you've taken with your furkids and your one-of-a-kind love story are unique and treasured, and you should celebrate them with those you love.

I believe that pets aren't just animals; they're treasured family members that deserve to have all those same special moments and memories captured as our two-legged family members. 

As a pet parent myself, I am passionate about helping pet parents like you capture your extraordinary journey and the beautiful love stories of you and your furkids because I know how important it is to capture these special moments.  I also love helping you create one-of-a-kind, treasured, archival-quality art pieces for your homes that are sure to make everyone's tails wag whenever you walk past them.

Hello, I'm Jennifer

Capturer of phenomenal love stories and magnificent adventures of furkids and their favorite humans

I'm a fur-momma to a senior furkid and love to sit in the garden sipping a great cup of coffee while the furkids sunbathe in the summer and get cozy with them under the covers, and watch a good movie in the wet winter months.   

As a pet parent of a senior furkid, a new mini Labradoodle puppy, and two beautiful feline furkids who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017 & recently in 2022, I know firsthand how important capturing our adventures and love stories with our furkid is.  I also know how much it means to capture those special moments when they cross the rainbow bridge. 

To those of us who are fortunate enough to be pet parents, our furkids aren't "just an animal." Instead, they are beloved family members and children who walk on four legs and speak a different language (and yet somehow still manage to get their message across!).  As beloved family members, I believe it's just as important to capture our journey together with them as it is to capture those moments with our human family members, hang their photos in our home in places of honor, and share our special memories of them with those closest to us too. 

If you'd like to capture your extraordinary journey with your furkid, be sure to give me a bark!


What Clients Say

Dogs are my passion and believe me when I say I have a LOT of photos of my dogs. Some of my very favorites were captured by Jennifer from Paws and Tails Pet photography! My dogs absolutely love Jenn, she is able to connect with them even from behind the camera. The photos she has taken of my pups are so vibrant, and really reflect the true emotions of the moment - I can look at one of her shots from years ago, and it brings a flood of memories back... not just about the day, but the happiness of that very moment. Jennifer is always improving her techniques; I love working with a photographer who is so committed to ongoing education and self-improvement. It means I am always surprised and impressed with the quality of her work, each and every time we do a shoot! It only gets better. She is able to take stunning portraits, and more technical trick and group photos that require communication and planning. Her patience and fun-loving attitude mean no pressure - just smiles and laughs! Working with Paws and Tails Pet Photography has always been an all-around great experience! Thank you for the lovely photos and all the fun times over the years, Jennifer!
Stephanie Stanton Linder - Allstars K9 Training

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I'd love to capture your incredible adventures & once in a lifetime love story with your furkids because our journey with our furkids is all too short and deserves to be celebrated.