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National Train Your Dog Month: A Journey with Bravequest K9 Training

Hey Pet Lovers!

January is not just about resolutions; it's National Train Your Dog Month! I recently dived into this adventure with my furball extraordinaire, Kona, and the incredible owner at Bravequest K9 Training, the amazing Irene.

Kona, at 20 months, had a solid base but some quirks were on our list to tackle—barking at the door and a hint of insecurity around new faces. Enter Irene, our canine superhero!

Our session started with a consult that opened up a world of insights. Irene didn't just work with Kona; she enlightened me on the intricacies of dog behaviour and training.

Kona, who used to treat his kennel like a temporary prison, now sees it as his play den! We're gearing up for the "go to your room" command, (among other fun new tricks) and the transformation is nothing short of magic. Irene's bag of tricks is a treasure trove, making our sessions engaging and enjoyable.

For pet parents grappling with their pup's quirks, I can't emphasize enough the value of professional training. Irene not only works on the behavioural aspects but also makes the process stress-free and fun for both pets and parents.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kona's journey as we navigate the exciting world of dog training!

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