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Unleash Your Dog's Potential: A Journey with Bravequest K9 Training during National Train Your Dog Month

Hey there, pet enthusiasts! 👋🐾 I'm thrilled to share the latest chapter in Kona's journey to becoming the best version of himself. Our second week with Irene from Bravequest K9 Training has been nothing short of transformative, and I can't wait to spill the details!

Home Sweet "Room":

Our starting point was Kona's reluctance toward his "room" or kennel. Previously, it was a place he tolerated begrudgingly. Thanks to Irene's expert guidance, he now sees it as his cozy haven. The change is remarkable and speaks volumes about the positive influence of a skilled trainer. Our enthusiasm is through the roof, especially as Kona now enjoys playful explorations in his room. We're excitedly working on his new lesson this week: the "Go To" his room command, encouraging him to go from a distance and wait inside it instead of just exploring it.

Grounded Greetings & Front Door Triumphs:

Picture this: no more jumping when guests arrive! Irene's methods are like magic spells; Kona now responds to "down" with enthusiasm. Irene's calm and assertive approach has turned our greetings into moments of wagging tails and calm canine companionship. While he's not at 100%, Kona has made incredible strides in just a week. He's more manageable at the door when there's a knock, greeting positively and more calmly the majority of the time now. Front door greetings used to be a bit of a chaotic scene, with Kona growling at newcomers. Fast forward to today, and he's acing the art of welcoming guests. He calmly goes to his room and greets people at the front door with a happy heart, showcasing the positive behavioural shift we've witnessed.

New Lessons, New Adventures:

Each week brings new lessons, adding layers to our training adventure. This week, Irene introduced counter conditioning to address Kona's fear of people. We focused on leash commands like "Let's Go" and "With Me," essential for outdoor adventures. The "Let's Go" and "With Me" commands also come with hand signals, emphasizing focus both on and off-leash.

But it's not all work and no play! Our recall games added a playful touch to our training sessions. Kona's response was nothing short of heartwarming. Until, of course, he leaped over the couch like a graceful gazelle, giving us a few more ideas about where we can focus his bounce-filled energy. (Agility games, anyone?)

Positive Playtime:

Our exploration of the building, yard, and parking areas was a joy. Irene's holistic approach ensures that every environment becomes a source of positivity for Kona. Tail wags and positive vibes were the order of the day.

Tired But Happy Pup:

A tired but content pup is one of the beautiful outcomes of a good training session. Irene's approach not only addresses behaviour but also ensures that Kona enjoys the process. It's always good to exercise both mind and pup, be it for training or even before a photo session. A tired pup is always a happy pup.

Excited for More:

As we wrap up week two, Kona and I are bubbling with excitement for the weeks ahead. Irene's magic touch and Kona's eagerness to learn make for a promising journey. We can't wait to see the continued growth and share our adventures with you all.

P.S. Ready to Transform Your Pup's Behavior? If you're on the lookout for training expertise, check out Bravequest K9 Training. Irene is more than a trainer; she's a partner in the transformation journey for every pup.

Every bark, wag, and leap forward is a testament to the positive impact of skilled training. Here's to many more wins, growth, and joyful moments on this adventure with Kona!

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