Seen = Saved

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This week, Hearts Speak shared it's annual fundraising campaign to help make sure more shelter pets do not go unseen in shelters and rescues. The funds go towards helping amazing projects like the Perfect Exposure Project (helping teach and enable rescue groups to take wonderful photos to help aid in pet adoption), their wonderful .EDU page full of great and FREE tools to help shelters and rescues with everything from writing Bio's to social media tips and more.

This year, we are reminding people that Seen = Saved. Well, what exactly does that mean? It means that if a shelter or rescue pet has a great photo - it can help them be seen and adopted. Don't think a photo can have that big of an impact? I'd beg to differ otherwise.

You see, in 2013 I was working with Dachshund Rescue Team and I got a phone call. Could I take some photos of one of the pups as they'd had no one even look twice at her yet in over three months being with the rescue. So, I coordinated with her amazing foster mum and within 24 hours, we met up at Mill Lake Park and took a relaxing stroll around the lake and took some photos of this sweet and beautiful girl. I went home and edited the images right away and wouldn't you know? Within 24 hours of posting the photos, they were inundated with applications for this sweetheart and within 48 hours - she had a home.

Seen can and truly does = Saved. It means finding a forever home and finding your new best friend and family.

I am proud to have been a member of Hearts Speak for almost 4 years now and even before that, helping rescue groups take photos of these amazing pets so they could find their new families.

If you're able to lend a helping paw to Hearts Speak to help more rescue pets, you can donate here and even if you can't donate - please share their page and the amazing work they do!

If you are a local rescue group in the Abbotsford Area (or able to travel to it for those who have adoptables in foster care) and are in need of photographs for your adoptable pets - be sure to give me a bark! You can give me a bark here to get started!

Live farther away? Be sure to find a Hearts Speak Artist near you Here that can lend you a helping paw!