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Unleash the Perfect Portrait Session Location!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Hey there, pet lovers! As the one and only pet photographer here at Paws & Tails Pet Photography, I'm thrilled to share some paws-itively awesome tips on how to choose the best location for your portrait session. Just like Joanna Gaines has a treasure trove of vintage doors, I've got a digital stash of incredible session locations to suit your style and tell your unique pet story.

Now, I totally get it - you want a say in where we capture those precious moments. After all, it's your session, and it should reflect your personality and the special bond with your fur-kids. Don't worry; I'm eager to hear your ideas, and I've got some sweet location suggestions up my sleeve too. Let's dive into six ways to find that picture-perfect backdrop:

Consider Your Style:

Your portrait session should capture your essence, including your preferred style. Think about your favourite outfits and the vibes that resonate with you. Whether it's bohemian chic or urban cool, we'll find a location that complements your style and makes you shine.

Indoor or Outdoor? You decide:

Both indoor and outdoor settings have their charm. By narrowing down your choice to one of these options, we can fine-tune the focus and create a captivating atmosphere.

Think About Colors:

Color sets the mood, so think about the backdrop that appeals to you. Bright and splendid or minimalistic and understated? By defining your preferred color story, we'll pick a location that truly speaks to your heart.

Headcount Matters:

If it's just you and your fur-baby or a small group, the options are vast. But for larger groups, we'll need more open spaces to avoid crowding and capture everyone at their best.

Sentimental Spots:

If a place holds a special place in your heart, let's turn it into the backdrop for your session! Whether it's your pet's favourite beach or the ice-cream shop you frequented as a kid, adding sentimental value to the location makes your images even more meaningful.

Follow Your Heart (and Eyes):

Take inspiration from your favourite images - those that make your heart skip a beat. Whether it's lush greenery, gritty graffiti, or hazy fields, your natural inclination can guide us toward the perfect session location.

So, there you have it - six ways to find the portrait session location of your dreams! Your session should be as unique as you and your furry family, and together, we'll make it an unforgettable experience.

Can't wait to embark on this pawsome journey with you! Let's create cherished memories that will make your heart and tail wag with joy. Get in touch now to book your session with me, Jennifer, the pet photographer extraordinaire!

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