Gryffindor's day at the beach

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Handsome Gryffindor had never been to the ocean before, so we decided to take advantage of a beautiful spring afternoon and took a drive out to beautiful Boundary Bay in Delta and introduce this sweet boy to the joys of ocean life before he comes up to visit us at our new location in Port Alice. Fortunately for him, we came at low tide which meant it wasn't quite as frightening an introduction to the ocean, but we did have to hike out a bit in order to reach the full ocean waves.

Gryffindor had an amazing time exploring the beach initially, and enjoyed sniffing the sand and I loved capturing him reflected in many of the colorful tide pools that had been left behind when the tide went out. We even spotted a dead crab which had this patient boy on high alert trying to protect us from the (deceased) "giant" sea spider.

We had an amazing adventure introducing him to the joys of the ocean and of course the beach, driftwood and wild birds as well (where we even found a wood tent that we had some extra special fun with) and cannot wait to take him on his next ocean adventure when they come to visit us in our new home, on our private small beach in Port Alice!

Handsome Gryffindor earned the right to be called a superhero after his brave stance against the evil seagulls + the sea spiders.... this is a special one of a kind digital art piece was made to commemorate his special day!