But What If......

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I thought I'd take a moment to talk a little more in-depth about 3 questions I get asked pretty regularly as a Pet Photographer.

1. The one I hear the most? I would love to have great images of my fur-kid but my dog is a little (insert adjective here; hyper, shy, crazy, nervous, can't sit, can't stay) so he will never cooperate for a session.

If you've had these thoughts and let them deter you from inquiring about a session, this FAQ is just for you! Can I let you in on a little secret first though? The majority of dogs I photograph are actually on a leash! Approximately 98.9% of the pups that grace these pages are your everyday companions. They may or may not listen to sit or stay, and that is totally normal!

While it totally depends on a combination of the dog's skills and the location, 100% of the time, the safety of my clients is the number one priority during any session. The only time dogs are off-leash in a session are: if it's a secluded and well fenced off area where the pups can run safely and if the pup has extremely good recall off-leash. While I'm sure if you've peeked at my portfolio you'd think that was every pup, I assure you it is not and is rarely the case.

Depending on the location of your session, different tricks can be utilized to keep your pup safe and still ensure getting those beautiful portraits! We can use a leash or even use a long lead line during your session to capture some action shots while still ensuring they are safe and sound. Magically, when I go into my digital darkroom, all leashes will be magically removed in Photoshop from any ordered image at no additional charge.

Please know, that no matter your pup's skills, or lack of skills, that I’ve got a bag of tricks up my sleeve to get great images while working with dogs on a leash or off-leash. I understand that dogs, like humans, have their own unique quirks, and there are often many factors contributing to their behavior and level of training.

Rest assured, I’ve worked with all kinds of dogs at all levels of obedience. From amazing trick dogs to shelter pups who can barely sit and a number in between. Before your session begins, during the Meet + Treat, we will discuss your pet's abilities, your questions, and concerns and create a plan to work best with you and your fur-kid to help you BOTH feel relaxed and confident on your session day. During your session, we will work with your pup and take as long as your pup needs in order to get the shots we're hoping for. Patience and calm is the key as well as stopping to take the time to relax and be in the moment and work with the amazing pup's skills that they have. There is no rush to get it right in the first five minutes I promise!

So, please, if you've been delaying getting a session due to your pup's skills or lack of them, don’t let your dog’s behavior hold you back from booking a session. Give me a bark and let's talk about how we can work WITH your pup to rock their session!