10 reasons why deaf dogs rock + 7 Tips to help your deaf dogs

Happy Deaf Pet Awareness week everyone!! This week we are celebrating the awesomeness that Deaf Pets are and bring to our lives! I have had the pleasure and joy of working photographing several deaf dogs in the past - two of my all-time favorites being Linkin Bark (find him on IG HERE) and Martin who was an amazing adoptable I got to work with.

Some think that they would be harder to photograph not being able to hear all my crazy noises to get them to look at me, however, especially Linkin, have amazing trainers who made it incredibly easy! In fact, EASIER than most dogs. They had much more focus and "listened" far better to the commands to look at me or to stay and to watch!

So today I'm sharing 10 reasons why deaf pets rock as well as 10 tips to help your deaf pup at home too!

10 Reasons Why Deaf Pets Rock

1. Deaf Dogs Rock because Noise doesn't disturb them. No thunder shirts required for fireworks, thunderstorms or crazy neighbors!

2. Deaf Dogs Rock because they make amazing therapy and support pets! They often don't have the same fears and anxiety that other dogs do due to loud or frightening noises.

3. Deaf Dogs Rock because they don’t chase the vacuum cleaner but instead enjoy the vibration of that comes from the suction of the device.

4. Deaf Dogs Rock because they are super intruder sensors! They can smell an intruder (and feel the vibration of a car coming from a distance) way before your hearing dogs can see an intruder.

5. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can sneak into the kitchen for a late-night snack, open a bag of potato chips and enjoy a treat guilt-free without worrying your dog just heard you open that cheese wrapper!

6. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can do a big construction or other loud projects in your home and they don't spook due to the noise.

7. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can take a deaf dog to big events like pet expos and they can’t hear all the other dogs barking and react as the other dogs do.

8. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can play rock/country/hip hop/rap music or sing in your car, at home, or in the shower as loud as you want and your deaf dog can’t hear you and won't judge you when you sing off-key!

9.Deaf Dogs Rock because they are the ultimate Velcro dog – no matter where you are located in your house you will always have a second shadow following you around from room to room.

10.The number one reason Deaf Dogs Rock is because “Deaf Dogs hear with their hearts and souls.” Seriously (don't tell Ozzy) but I think they're some of the best I've ever had the joy of working with!