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Meet Jennifer


I'm the professional pet photographer honored to be capturing those special moments with your furkid and the incredible, unique journey you're on with them.  

Being a pet parent myself, I know how important it is to take the time to capture as much of your journey with your furkids as you can.  I know you want to capture your furkid's sparkling personality and funny quirks that make them...them.  And I also know how important it is to share those little things and your very special furkids with those you love. 

As a pet parent and a professional pet photographer who often works with local rescues, I've worked with furkids of various breeds, sizes, and abilities.  I have the patience and skill to be able to capture the essence of your furkid, even if they flunked out of obedience school.

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Our newest pack member - Kona! Born April 1, 2022

These are more than just simple snapshots

These are treasured moments that capture your one-of-a-kind journey, your beautiful bond, and their quirky and sparkling personality for all time in archival quality artwork.

I'm here to capture the unique personality of your furkid and those quiet special moments you share only with your furkid during their all too short lifetimes.  Memorable moments in time, frozen and always remembered with love, tenderness, and joy.

Hello. I'm Jennifer!

capturer of sparkling pet personalities, quiet treasured moments, and the wild adventures of furkids and their favorite humans.

I'm an avid gardener who loves a great cup of coffee, creating delightful dishes in the kitchen, making delightful soap creations, and a very proud senior pet & new Doodle Momma. But, what brings me the most joy in life, is capturing the happy tails, incredible journies, and unique personalities of furkids like yours for their favorite humans.


As a senior pet parent, I know firsthand that our furkid's only flaw is their lives are too short. And I also know how essential it is to capture every moment and our incredible journeys together. I love capturing those tiny details that make our furkids unique for you to treasure forever and always.  

The real BOSS here at Paws & Tails Pet Photography, AKA Lil Miss Ozzy
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Am I the right photographer for you?

Here's how ya know:

  • You're looking to capture your furkids true sparkling and unique personality

  • You love celebrating and sharing your journey with your furkid

  • You're okay with me adoring your furkids and getting more than a few puppy dog kisses during your session

  • You want to create treasured keepsakes of your beautiful furkids, your one-of-a-kind bond, and your extraordinary journey together.