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The Experience

Capturing Your Furkid's Sparkle & Shine!

Safe.  Comfortable.  Relaxed.  

Full of love & laughter. 

Those are words that describe the Paws & Tails Pet Photography Experience.  Your session is all about ensuring you and your furkid's safety and comfort during your entire experience.  During our Meet & Treat Session, we get to know each other, plan out the best session for you both, and sign all the paperwork so you can focus 110% on being IN the moment on your Session day.  This is part of what allows everyone to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable during your session day.  Your Reveal & Ordering Session is also full of love and laughter and, admittedly, a few tasty treats that we will enjoy.  At the same time, we view the special moments with your furkid and their big personality we captured during it.  I will also be by your side to answer any questions about the keepsakes you wish to place in your home.  Helping to ensure you get the perfect keepsakes for you and your home that truly celebrate you and your furkids' extraordinary journey together.  Once your archival quality artwork arrives, it is beautifully wrapped like holiday gifts under the tree.  These unique all-Canadian keepsakes are sure to make everyone's tails wag with joy as you share them with those you love most.

Are you ready to learn more?

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The Process


Step 1:  Be sure to give me a bark 

Head over HERE to fill out some details to help me know more about you, your fur-baby, and your journey together.  I'm here to capture your incredible journey together and your furkid's extra-large personality.  This vital step will help me create the best Session possible for you and your furkid, where you all feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.  It will also ensure we capture exactly what you're hoping for.  

Step 2: Let's meet!

Due to Covid, we can meet via Zoom or at an outdoor location, with masks, instead of at Paws & Tails Pet Photography HQ here in beautiful Coal Harbor.  This is a great time to get to know each other better and plan your special day.  Meeting at an outdoor location also allows me to meet your furkid.  This will enable them to feel more at ease with the person pointing the camera at them, something some pups find intimidating.  At the end of your Meet and Treat Session, we will sign the paperwork and deal with the invoices so that on your session day, you can be 110% in the moment with your furkid.  

Step 3: Getting ready for the big day

After we set a date for your Session, I will send you some great information.  This information will help you to help you rock your Session, plan your outfits and answer any questions you might have as you prepare for your big day.  I'm with you every step of the way, so if you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to reach out!

Step 4: Your Big Day!

When your special day arrives, you and your furkid are all about celebrating your incredible journey together and extraordinary bond.  But, it is also all about capturing your furkid's sparkling personality and every tiny part of them that makes them extra special.  So, our focus is 110% on you and your beautiful furkids and being in the moment.  That's it.  

Step 5: Picking Your Keepsakes!

Within 48 hours of your Session, I'll be sure to send you a sneak peek of 1-2 images while I finish editing your images in my digital darkroom.  Then, within 3-4 weeks of your Session, I'll be giving you a bark and letting you know it's time to set up your Reveal & Ordering Session date!  At your Reveal & Ordering Session, we will laugh, cry and enjoy some treats while checking out the special moments we've captured.  We will also pick out the archival quality artwork you'd like to have in your home.  Don't worry; I'm with you during this process, so if you have any questions, you can ask them before you place your order.  

Step 6.  Artwork Delivery Day!

This is one of my favorite times!  When you get to see your furkid and your furkid's sparkling personality on the beautiful artwork you have chosen.  I inspect all the artwork closely when it arrives from the Lab and carefully wrap it up for you to pick up and open.  I love seeing all pet parents' faces light up with joy, and the occasional happy tear, when they see their furkids on the artwork they chose, bigger than life.  

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