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What to Expect

Work with me

The Paws + Tails Pet Photography Experience

The Paws + Tails Pet Photography experience is all about you and celebrating you and your amazing fur-kid.  At Paws + Tails Pet Photography we don't just meet up like strangers in a park and mail you a CD months later to figure out what to do with the images on our own.  We start with a quick questionnaire to understand exactly what you're looking for and what will help both you and your fur-kid have as stress free of a session as possible.  I am with you every step of the way from planning the purrr-fect session, helping you pick the best outfit, helping you get Fido ready for their time in the spotlight, and even helping you pick out the best artwork for your home.  The entire Paws + Tails Pet Photography Experience is all about YOU and making sure you and your fur-kid have the most stress-free and wonderful experience as well as capturing fun moments that will make everyone's tails wag with delight!

How it works

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Lets Meet!

It all starts with a quick Q+A I send you right away to get to know you + what you're looking for! 

Then we will schedule your special VIP Meet + Treat Session to review any questions you have + so I can get to know Fido better!  Lastly, we will sign all the paperwork online so there is no stress on your special day+ I'll be sure to help guide you on how to rock your session day!

Got Questions?

The Sessions

Port Paws Sessions

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Classic Port Paws Sessions are unique for many reasons.  The first is that instead of a session fee, there is a non-refundable Reservation Retainer.  Once your Reservation Retainer is paid, your session date + time are secured and after your session, that reservation retainer rolls into an art credit for you to purchase beautiful wall art and gifts featuring your fur-kid from their session! How paw-tastic is that?!

These sessions are an hour in length and include 20 beautiful images for you to choose to create artwork featuring your fur-kid.  They also include a 30-minute Meet + Treat Session and a 60 minute Reveal Session and, of course, me, every step of the way to help you with any questions you might have along the way.  

These sessions are great to capture your beautiful and one-of-a-kind bond be it celebrating on your fur-kids favorite beach, park, or trail; splashing in rainy day puddles, or even enjoying a birthday cake smash and everything in between.  These sessions are all about capturing you and your fur-kid and your amazing love story!

These sessions are $299

Legacy Paws Sessions

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These special sessions are solely for pet parents who have had a terminal diagnosis for their pet or for those pet parents who have a very senior pet that they'd like to capture before it's too late.  

These sessions are not timed but usually run for about 90 minutes because we want to capture every special moment possible.  

They do come with a 30-minute Meet + Treat Session, 60 minute Reveal Session, 30 images to choose from of your fur-kid to create beautiful artwork + keepsakes from.  

Like all Paws + Tails Pet Photography Sessions, this one comes with a non-refundable reservation retainer that rolls into an artwork credit after your session.  

I do try as much as possible to bump these sessions to the top of the queue given the, often, short time-spans we have to capture these moments.  

These sessions are $329

Tiny Paw Sessions


Tiny Paws sessions are limited edition 30-minute sessions at a predetermined location + time, that are perfect for updating photos of your fur-kid or creating a couple of extra-special images and often have a fun theme to them as well to celebrate fun holidays and seasons!  They are also done at a specific location with a limited number of spaces available.


Like the Port Paws Session, they have a non-refundable reservation retainer that automatically rolls into an art credit during your Reveal Session. 


These Sessions come with 10 images for you to choose to create artwork featuring your beautiful fur-kid with, as well as a 45 minute, reveal session.  Please note with these sessions there is no Meet + Treat Session.

These sessions are $49