About the Super Pets Program

Super Pets Sessions are model calls and are free photo sessions and the images created are for very specific commercial or personal projects, stock photography etc.  Because of this, these sessions are not as much about working with what the pet is able to give us so much as what we require the pet to be able to do to capture the images we need.  It is also about the vision of the commercial client or project at hand and is NOT about what images YOU would like to capture your furkid.  Usually, this means pets are required to be able to do specific tasks, be very comfortable around other pets or/and people they do not know and be comfortable in new and unfamiliar locations.  Pets with aggression or flight/fear issues will not be considered for this work.  With these sessions having a specific vision, sometimes very specific looking pets or breeds of pets are required to complete the vision as well. 

Is your pet a SUPER PET?

if you think your pet has the right stuff, be sure

to sign up to be a part of the Paws + Tails

Pet Photography Super Pet Program.

Fill out the Questionnaire

Once you have finished filling out the questionnaire, if your pet is accepted,  you will get an email from me letting you know that your pet will be added to my database; ready for the next call that they fit!  If your pet is not a good fit for the program, you will still get an email from me thanking you for nominating your pet for this special program.

Be in the Know

Once accepted, your fur-kid will be added to my database and will be the first to be contacted directly from me if a project arises.  If no one in the Super-Pets program fits the vision of the project, it will be opened up via a special email to all super pets and finally, if there is still no match, it will be opened up to the public to be able to participate in.

Have Fun

Enjoy watching your fur kid be the star of the show and be sure to set up a reveal date to purchase some goodies of your pet being the super pet they are for your home.

My Gift to You, After a Session

All participants of any of my model calls will receive the following:

  • A complimentary gift-sized fine art print (8x10 or smaller) of your choice from the modeling session

  • Access to my print and product guide with no obligation to purchase additional prints or products from your modeling session

  • A $50 product credit for your own pet session if you choose to book a session in 2020

Let's Get Started!