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Why Rescue Pets are the Best Pets

Happy Remember Me Thursday everyone! Today we are celebrating the marvelousness that are RESCUE PETS by sharing 10 reasons Rescue Pets are THE BEST and why you should adopt one as well as how you can help amazing rescue pets near you!

Why am I so passionate about helping amazing rescue pets? I'm a rescue pet momma, and I've spent a LOT of time with rescue animals of all breeds, shapes, and sizes and they are truly some of the most incredible, big-hearted pets on the planet! They teach us so very much and are always so grateful for being rescued. Every amazing rescue pet, including my own, that I've had the joy of photographing, have all left giant paw and hoof prints on my heart and have taught me so very very much!

So, without further ado, here are some great reasons why RESCUE pets are the BEST and why you should adopt one!

Why rescue pets rock and why you should adopt one today

1. They are infinitely grateful. Some say animals don't know they've been rescued but nothing could be further from the truth. They know you rescued them and they are always very greatful, fiercely loyal, and love with 110% of their hearts. They appreciate the kindness, patience, and love and reflect it back 10 fold.

2. They are wise and sensitive. They are even more wise and sensitive to our needs when we are sad or need a snuggle, they've been in the same spot and are happy to return the love and security you've given them.

3. Many are not picky eaters. While this doesn't apply to all, many are not quite as persnickety about their food. Some might still, like all pets, have dietary special needs, etc. but when it comes to having "brand favorites" many will happily gobble up whatever you choose to put down.

4. They are street smart or outdoor smart depending on where they were rescued. If you want to adopt a dog to be on a property out here, for example, on the North Island, picking one that has been rescued from an area up here, generally means they usually know what a bear or a cougar or eagles are and how to stay away from them, what the scent of one smells like. A city dog, might not have ever encountered one and not be quite as aware, and be curious enough to follow their noses, unlike one from the area. If you're in the city, having one that knows what traffic and streets are is also just as advantageous. A dog from out in the countryside, may not realize what roads or traffic are and be at higher risk for getting hit by a vehicle if they get startled and escape.

5. They are healthier. Many purebred pups have health issues they are prone to. Mutts, being a mixed breed, don't have as many health issues. Some folks believe that only Mutts reside in the shelters or rescues, however, that also couldn't be further from the truth. Many purebreds also end up in rescues and shelters because of irresponsible owners. So you truly, never know what type of pup you may find, so be sure to check it out!

6. Rescue pets always appreciate the finer things in life! They always appreciate every little gift you bring from their favorite toy or treats to dog beds and warm blankets. Although, they may start stealing your pillows...and your heart.

7. Some rescue pets have scars that need to heal, some may not, but some do. When I adopted Lisa-Lee she had a lot of scars. She was terrified of loud noises and she was a little skittish at first of men, and was intolerant of other pets. But over time, all of those things faded as we bonded and she learned to trust in me and her new family, including another rescue feline and a cuddly shih tzu - and her amazing grand-paw. While it might take time, getting to watch those fears melt away and those scars heal brings a giant warm fuzzy feeling to your core. There's truly nothing quite like it!

8. Many think that rescue pets are misfits, misbehaved and know little to nothing. However, many already are potty trained, and some even know basic commands. Sometimes this can actually make a rescue pet an easier pet to have especially for a first time owner. Many rescue pets are often used in the film industry or even as working dogs and do amazing work. I've had the joy of working and photographing a couple that are in the film industry now working and loving a full joy filled life. In fact you've probably seen one in a couple of commercials and a few hallmark movies and another starring in Riverdale! There is nothing wrong with a rescue pet. All it means is they've been let down by humans, no more, no less.

9. Many complain that rescues have an adoption fee, they believe it should be free. However, the adoption fee doesn't even often cover all the costs of health care that that pet has needed over their time in rescue and goes towards helping other pets in need too. Many come spayed or neutered, with shots and up to date medical care, microchipping and sometimes even have had time with a trainer. Breeders have varying price points, but some purebred can be expensive and rarely come with the included medical care, microchipping, and trainer time and they definitely don't go towards helping more rescue pets in need.

10. Adopting a rescue pet - be it a cat, horse or dog or any other animal, will make your heart soar. There is truly nothing in this world like the simple love a rescue animal has for it's humans.

Now that we've totally established that Rescue Pets make the BEST pets, let's talk about the ways that YOU can help amazing rescue pets near you, even if you can't adopt? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy as my nephews are fond of saying!

  1. Foster! Don't think you are able to commit to adopting just yet? In this time of Covid, many of us are working form home and have the time to put into helping an amazing rescue pet find their forever family. One word of caution however, you may end up becoming a foster failure, which is the one time in life, failing is a great thing! And even if you don't fail at it, helping them find their forever homes is a truly amazing feeling!

  2. Adopt! Of course adoption is always a great way to help a rescue pet! In this covid world, it's a great time to adopt as we tend to have a little more time at home to spend with our amazing fur-kids.

  3. Donate! Can't foster or adopt? Help your local rescue out with a donation of items from their wishlist or simple cash. These donations help no matter how small and are always appreciated more than you know!

  4. Volunteer! Want to spend time with some fur-kids but your apartment doesn't allow pets? How about volunteering your time to cuddle some cats or walk some dogs? Are you a great marketer? How about donating your time and skills to help spread the word about great pets up for adoption? Are you a carpenter? How about helping out with some needed repairs? Love photography? How about helping take great photos of rescue pets to help them find forever homes!

  5. Spread the Word! Easiest of all? Hit that share button! Tell your friends about some great pets needing homes! And spread the word to #adoptdontshop!

I hope you've loved my list of why Rescue pets are so amazing + how you can help some near you too, even if you can't adopt one today! I hope you share some of your amazing rescue pets with us today! I can't wait to see their smiling faces + hear their incredible stories!

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