what to wear to your winter pet photography session

The cooler weather has arrived, and with winter just around the bend, I thought I'd share a few great tips on what to wear for your Winter Pet Photography Outdoor Sessions!

First a few basics for any time of year:

  • Always wear what YOU feel comfortable in. If you're not comfortable wearing it, it WILL show in the photos!

  • Think about the location. If your session is up in a forested trail, maybe those cute high heels, strappy sandals, or white sneakers aren't the best choices.

  • Always dress for the weather! If you're cold and miserable, it will most definitely come across in your photos!

  • Consider both the landscape behind you and your furkid's coat colors. You don't want to wear anything that clashes or blends a little too well with the landscape behind you or your furkid's coat.

  • Please do not wear crazy patterns or logos at your session. These can take away from the image's main focus - you and your furkid!

  • Solid colors make for the best images.

  • Don't match everyone's outfits, instead, be sure to wear outfits that complement each other and are in the same color palette.

  • Pro Tip: Don't put everything into your pockets - they will show in the photographs!!!

Now onward to those tips, especially for wintertime sessions. Here in the wet and wild north island, we have somewhat unusual weather, which means a lot of rain, damp and wind.

  • If your session is in the snow, please do not wear white to your session. Instead, think about wearing a light grey instead, or even adding in a bright color or two into your wardrobe, as that will really make it pop against a monotone landscape!

  • With it being cold and damp, utilize that crazy skill we North Islanders have - layering those outfits to keep yourself warm as well as looking and feeling stylish! That includes wearing those key underlayers and layering up those textures and colors on the outside.

  • Wear weather-savvy accessories like your favorite mittens, toques, or even ear muffs! Remember, if you're having a winter session, you're celebrating you and your furkids' LOVE of winter, so celebrate with those favorite accessories! Use them to help bring in that pop of fun and color!

  • While many of us have black jackets, leave those basic blacks at home for your session. Try bringing a lovely green, blue, or even a fun burgundy to your session instead!

Now I'm sure you're also wondering, what about Fido? Any extra tips for them?

  • If they are a non-winter breed of pup, be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for them to wear.

  • If you're feeling extra creative, try and have it coordinate with your outfit! Remember, the same rules apply to their outfits as they do to you, but be sure and have some fun with it!

  • If your pet doesn't wear a jacket or sweater, be sure to bring a cozy blanket or something warm for them to snuggle into in between images.

  • If they wear booties, feel free to bring them along too. You and your furkid's safety is of the utmost importance during any session.

I hope these little winter session outfit tips and tricks help take some of your winter session anxiousness away from your session day!

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