what to wear to your winter pet photography session

The cooler weather has arrived, and with winter just around the bend, I thought I'd share a few great tips on what to wear for your Winter Pet Photography Outdoor Sessions!

First a few basics for any time of year:

  • Always wear what YOU feel comfortable in. If you're not comfortable wearing it, it WILL show in the photos!

  • Think about the location. If your session is up in a forested trail, maybe those cute high heels, strappy sandals, or white sneakers aren't the best choices.

  • Always dress for the weather! If you're cold and miserable, it will most definitely come across in your photos!

  • Consider both the landscape behind you and your furkid's coat colors. You don't want to wear anything that clashes or blends a little too well with the landscape behind you or your furkid's coat.

  • Please do not wear crazy patterns or logos at your session. These can take away from the image's main focus - you and your furkid!

  • Solid colors make for the best images.

  • Don't match everyone's outfits, instead, be sure to wear outfits that complement each other and are in the same color palette.

  • Pro Tip: Don't put everything into your pockets - they will show in the photographs!!!

Now onward to those tips, especially for wintertime sessions. Here in the wet and wild north island, we hav