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Unleashing the Paws + Tails Pet Photography Difference!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

 Hey there, fellow pet lovers! I know you've got plenty of options when it comes to choosing a photographer for your furry family members. But let me tell you what sets Paws + Tails Pet Photography apart from the pack - it's a whole new breed of awesomeness!

Paw-some Style:

My photographic style is as unique as your pet's personality! I've spent years perfecting a vibrant and adventurous approach to lifestyle pet photography.

How do I do it? I harness the magical power of natural light (from the sun) to create images with a creamy shimmer, making your fur-kid's coat shine like a star. And my editing process? It's a secret sauce of creativity that brings out the best in every shot. My clients and fans recognize our images from a mile away - it's a style that's positively tail-waggingly amazing!

Experience Matters:

Sure, lots of people can buy fancy cameras these days, but the experience is the true pedigree of a professional photographer. Paws + Tails Pet Photography has been capturing heartwarming moments since 2012. I've seen it all - from sunny days to rainy ones, from playful pups to camera-shy cats. My years in the industry have honed my skills, giving me the ability to pose pets in the most flattering angles, no matter how mischievous they might be. With me, you're getting a seasoned pro that knows the ins and outs of the pet photography game!

Wagging-tastic Service:

When I say I offer great service, I mean it with a wagging tail! My commitment to my clients goes beyond just taking beautiful pictures. From the very first Meet + Treat session, I'm all about making you and your furry friends feel like part of the family. I'm here to answer all your questions, provide inspiration, and ensure you're comfortable in front of the camera. And when it's time for the big reveal of your images, I won't rest until your tail is wagging with delight!

Paws-itively Premium Products:

Your fur-kids are part of your family, and I believe their photos deserve to be cherished like precious heirlooms. That's why I only offer the crème de la crème of photo products! No cheap, consumer-grade prints here - I work exclusively with top-notch labs that cater to professional photographers. My archival-grade prints, albums, and photo gifts are built to stand the test of time, so you can pass them down to future generations. The colors are spot-on, and the craftsmanship is simply breathtaking. Your pet's images deserve the very best, and that's exactly what I deliver!

So, what makes Paws + Tails Pet Photography different? It's my paw-some style, years of experience, wagging-tastic service, and paws-itively premium products that make me the best choice for capturing the essence of your beloved fur-kids.

If you're ready to create stunning, heartwarming memories of your pets, don't hesitate to book a session with us. I promise you'll have a tail-waggingly good time!

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