What makes Paws + Tails Pet Photography different?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

 I know there are a lot of photographers in the area to choose from. I also know that what I offer is special. I’ve worked hard over the years to cultivate clientele based on my commitment to an exceptional experience from start to finish! Here are a few reasons why my studio stands out from the rest of the competition.

1. My Style

Over the past years, we’ve cultivated a unique photographic style that differentiates us upon first glance. Clients and reviewers have described our style as vibrant, adventurous, lifestyle pet photography which I take as a high compliment! I photograph almost exclusively with natural light (from the sun), which gives my images a creamy shimmer and is highly flattering for skin tones. My editing process is equally unique; something I’ve developed over time

and continue to do on a daily basis. I am very proud to say that many fans and clients are able to discern my images from other photographers in the area upon first glance!

2. My Experience

With so much access to cheap, high-quality cameras, many people are setting up shop as a “professional photographer” these days. With years of industry experience, however, I know so much more goes into offering a quality photography service than just a good camera!

My studio has been in business since 2012, and I’ve photographed numerous clients in numerous situations, offering full service from the initial consultation all the way to delivering beautiful, heirloom-grade print products. My experience in nearly every weather and lighting situation, ability to pose for flattering angles, and quick customer service responses have enabled me to keep doing what I do year after year!