The paws + tails pet photography Experience

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I get a lot of questions from potential clients asking about what they might expect at one of my sessions. It’s an excellent question, especially if you haven’t done many portrait sessions in the past, especially pet portraits, or if you’re coming to us as a new client. It’s so good of a question, in fact, that I figured I’d go ahead and address it right here.

I’ll start by sharing some of my experiences. Yup — totally taking a moment to #bragalittle. My first taste of photography was in 2009 photographing my own pawsome feline family members. (You can read how they paw-spired me in my blog post here)Fast forward a few years later, I enjoyed photographing my first client, the amazing Bre + her amazing momma. I loved the experience of photographing someone else and capturing those extra special memories of her and her special girl, that she still treasures to this day, long after her amazing Bre crossed the rainbow bridge. To make a long-winded story short, Paws + Tails Pet Photography officially launched in 2012, and since then I’ve had the great joy of working with tons of extra-special fur kids, pet paw-rents, rescue groups, foster paw-rents, dog trainers, and more to deliver photos they’ll treasure forever.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are lots of other photographers out there, and many of them are wonderful. What sets Paws + Tails Pet Photography apart, though, is the nose to tail experience. You have me by your side from the Meet and Treat until your artwork is delivered to answer any questions, help you decide on locations, artwork, what to wear, and more! During your experience, my goal is that there is no pressure, no anxiety, just smiles, laughter, and capturing the one-of-a-kind bond you and your amazing fur-kid have. From making sure they (and you) are relaxed the entire way through, that they are safe during their session and that everyone has a fun and positive experience while we are capturing that special bond that will last long after your fur-kids have crossed the rainbow bridge.