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The importance of capturing those special moments + how to keep them safe for years to come.

The Importance of Capturing Every Special Moment

People often ask, why pet parents should pay to have beautiful memories captured of their, often adorkable, fur-kids. So today, I'm talking about why it's important as a pet owner to take a moment and capture some special moments with your fur-kids. I'll also talk about some fun ways to keep your images safe and viewable for years to come.

As a pet parent, as well as, a pet photographer, I know first hand the importance of having those, one of a kind keepsakes. I adopted a beautiful feline companion in 2009, named Lisa-Lee. She, along with her sister, Poly-ana, was the paw-spiration behind my becoming a pet photographer. Lisa-Lee, the rescue guesstimated was around 3 years old. However, we found out much, much later, she was closer to 8.

Fortunately, as a pet photographer, I know how much these special moments captured mean. After all, sadly, they all, eventually, cross the rainbow bridge. I was fortunate to have captured a great many fun, and special moments together with her and of her. However, despite the folders of images I have of her, and the artwork I hold dear, I still find myself wishing I'd taken the time to capture even more of her mischievous, curious, and often grumpy, cuddly personality. Those quiet morning face nuzzles or her crazy hunting antics, I wish I had captured more of her and her amazing and one of a kind personality.

We, sadly, never realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. So, I always encourage pet parents, no matter their fur-kids age, to capture every moment - be it by a professional or even their cell phone.

Be sure to always take that extra moment to celebrate holidays, gotchya or barkdays, changes in the season, and you with your fur-kid and your very special bond. You'll be glad you did.

If you're looking for help to capture some extra special moments with your fur-kids - be sure to give me a bark ! I know we'll create some outstanding memories and create stunning artwork for your home that's as unique as your love story!

How to Keep Your Special Memories Safe, In Sight + Well loved for years to come

No matter if you have your images captured by a professional photographer, or with your own cell phone, I strongly urge you to print them! If you're curious about some fantastic consumer quality photo labs I always have a few suggestions at the ready, just give me a bark!

Why is it so important to print? The answer is simple. Digital Media and Electronics Fail. Regularly. Computers crash. Cell phones get dropped, lost, or wet. There are a million ways we can lose those precious memories. So I always encourage everyone to print those keepsakes and be sure to back them up.

One of the great perks of having your photos professionally done is that you also get to choose beautiful artwork and keepsakes that match your home and make everyone's tails wag every time you walk past them. Also, with them also being archival quality artwork, they are sure to last for years to come.

Don't have wall space for beautiful artwork? Or maybe you rent and don't want to hang too many things on the wall? Or perhaps you'd like something for your office at work? Have no fear, from large wall art to albums and even small frames perfect for your desk, there are always alot of really great options! In the Paws + Tails Pet Photography experience we go over ideas and options during your Meet + Treat as well as during your reveal session so you have help and can ask questions along the way.

If the thought of having your fur-kid sparkle and shine on your walls has your tails wagging, be sure to give me a bark!



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