Thanksgiving pet safety tips

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

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Thanksgiving is a ruff time for our fur-kids, so many yummy smells and none of it is for them. While it's tempting to feed it all to your fur-kid so they can also partake in the gastronomical delights of the howliday, there are many dishes that are just plain bad for them. So here are a few tips and tricks to keep your fur babies safe this Thanksgiving!

Tip #1: Keep those fur-babies out of the kitchen (if you can!)

So many of the foods that make our tummies delight in the holiday, are bad for our furkids like Stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey bones, turkey skin, dark turkey meat, bread dough, pie, desserts and more. On the plus side for our fur-kids - a bit of white meat, plain pumpkin and sweet potato (just plain!) are fine for fido and fifi to enjoy! Don't forget to keep things like aluminum foil, twine and garbage like turkey bones out of reach of fido as they are tempting to them and are a big choking hazard as well.

Tip#2: Watch those seasonal holiday plants like poinsettias, ivy, lilies, mistletoe, holly berries and more because while beautiful to look at, they are also highly toxic to your fur-kids.

Tip #3: Don't forget to create a safe space for your pet to escape to where they can relax and get away from the chaos.

Tip #4: Keep their favorite treats or toys at hand. Sometimes they just need a treat or their favorite toy to help relax them.

Tip #5: Always supervise children playing with your fur-kids, especially if they are visitors. Some pets may be more anxious around children than others.

Tip #6: Make sure to exercise your fur-babies before the guests arrive. If your fur-kid loses some of that excess energy before the guests arrive, they will be far more relaxed during the party.

Tip #7: Don't forget to check your pets ID's, collars and tags and that all your information on them or their id chip is up to date just in case they make a run for the door, which can happen with having company over and going in and out the door often.

Tip #8: Have a fun, wonderful thanksgiving with those you love most and enjoy the thankfulness and bounty of the season!

Tip #9: Don't forget to share your happy thanksgiving photos with us this howliday season!

Tip #10: Be sure to also watch for some fun recipes to celebrate thanksgiving (and all the upcoming howlidays!)


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