Pet Holiday Travelling Safety Tips + Tricks

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Wowsers! Only 18 days until Christmas day! Holy Macaroni! I hope everyone is having a blast getting everything ready for the holidays! With the holidays around the corner, I know some of us will be traveling to visit friends and family. My family and I will be traveling to Abbotsford with Lil Miss Ozzy to visit my brother and his family while Miss Poly-ana enjoys some one on one cuddle and R&R time at home with a trusted pet sitter. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a few Road Trip Tips & Tricks to help you and Fido have an enjoyable journey to wherever; your destination might be this holiday season!

The first tip is for those with senior pets. Depending on how far your destination is, you may want to think about having a vet give them a quick check to ensure they're physically up to the trip. If they're physically unable to or just are not big fans of road trips, be sure to reconsider hiring a pet sitter or using a boarding service for your furkids while you're away. That said, if you have a pup who's never traveled, be sure to take some practice trips ahead of time to show them that it is nothing to fear. If you need to take Fido despite their anxiety, be sure to talk to your vet about ways to help ease their stress during their trip. There are many great ways to help them feel at ease, and your vet will know the best way for YOUR furkid to feel safe.

Before you leave, be sure to give Fido a good run or playtime to allow them to burn off some energy before you hit the road. Along the way, be sure to remember that Fido will always enjoy being able to get out of the car and stretch their legs and take a potty break as much as, if not a little, more than you do yourself. So be sure to take breaks as much as you can do. While you're stopped, be sure to offer Fido some cool refreshing water. Many pets become dehydrated on trips, so be sure to TRY and encourage Fido to take a couple of sips whenever you can. While you're enjoying stretching your legs, remember to keep Covid protocols in place to keep yourself safe and keep a distance between you and other pet owners and please remember to wear your mask.

Please be sure to keep your pet safe in the back seat at the very least. Use a pet seatbelt or a kennel for Fido to enjoy the journey as safe as possible if you're able to. Sadly, accidents happen, and they get tossed around if a vehicle crashes. Pet seatbelts and kennels do offer an extra layer of protection to keep them, and you safe should an accident occur. Please NEVER let your pet ride in the front seat or on the driver's lap while the vehicle is in motion!

Keep Fido comfortable while traveling. In summer, of course, that means keeping them as cool as possible. However, with it being winter, that means bringing some cozy blankets or keeping the heat up enough (but not too much!) while you're traveling. Remember: if you're cool, they're warm; if you're warm, they're hot, and if you're hot, Fido is likely overheating.

With the holidays upon us, please be sure to make those reservations for hotels and ferries in advance to save any delays and disappointments in your travel itinerary.

Both for yourself and Fido in these Covid times, remember you may need to have documentation for you and your pet depending on where you're planning on traveling to. So be sure to check online to ensure you have all the documentation for you and Fido well before you leave.

When you're packing for your trip, make sure all the things Fido might need are handy just in case you hit any delays along the way. These include items like their favorite treats, food, toys, water, medications, and blankets. And don't forget to do the same for yourself. This time of year, it's easy to hit a delay due to poor weather, so be prepared just in case!

I hope these quick and simple tips help create a more enjoyable road trip for you and your special furkids this holiday season! Be sure to leave your favorite Road Trip Tips in our comments section below!

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