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Pawsitive Vibes Only: My Journey and the Importance of Capturing Every Moment

Hey there, fellow pet parents!

As I sit here, surrounded by photos and artwork of my furkids, I'm reminded of the incredible journey we shared. From the moment I adopted them, I knew I wanted to capture every moment, every snuggle, every paw-some moment. And boy, am I glad I did!

Growing up, I had pets but hardly any photos to remember them by. It was heartbreaking. So, when I welcomed my own fur babies into my life, I vowed to do things differently. I started snapping pics and videos from day one, and it quickly became an obsession (in the best way possible)!

First, there was Lisa-Lee, my sassy diluted calico cat, whom I adopted in Edmonton in 2009. She loved to perch on my shoulders and had a big attitude to match her big heart. Then, I adopted Poly-ana, a stunning Maine Coon cat with piercing green eyes, in Medicine Hat in 2009. She was a gentle giant and loved the camera almost as much as she loved wrapping her paws around my arm at night. Both girls were total velcro cats and never left my side.

Later, my parents' pup, Ozzy, a feisty little Shih Tzu with a penchant for floofy dresses and hamming it up for the camera, joined our crew. She was 110% attitude and loved being the center of attention. I was lucky to have her by my side, and she quickly became an integral part of our little family.

Capturing our moments together became an obsession (in the best way possible)! From lazy Sundays to crazy playtime, I snapped pics and videos, preserving our memories for a lifetime. And now, with them gone, those photos are more precious than ever.

Their artwork surrounds me in my room and office, and their memories live on in my heart and on my phone. I'm so grateful for the time we had, and I want to encourage you to do the same with your pets. Capture every moment, no matter how big or small. Trust me, those memories will become your most treasured possessions.

But my journey didn't end there. After my furkids crossed the rainbow bridge, I thought my life was forever changed. But then, fate brought me Kona Bean, a mini Labradoodle pup born next door! I was fortunate enough to be there from day one, capturing every moment, every "first," and every adventure. From his first wobbly steps to his first swim, from his first snuggle to his first bark, I've got it all preserved in photos and videos.

Having Kona Bean by my side has brought new joy and purpose to my life. And, let me tell you, he's a total ham! He loves posing for the camera and going on adventures with me. I'm so grateful for this little bundle of energy and love.

Capturing our moments together has become second nature to me now. And I want to encourage you to do the same with your pets. Whether it's a quick snap or a dedicated photoshoot, those memories will become your most treasured possessions.

So, go ahead, grab your camera (or phone), and start snapping! Your furkids will thank you, and so will your future self.

Stay pawsitive, friends!

Your Turn!

Share your own pet photography stories and tips in the comments below!


Preserve the love, laughter, and tail wags that make life paw-some!

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