Mother's Day Tri-Ports Gift Guide

As many of you know, I'm passionate about supporting + shopping local so I'm thrilled to be sharing some of the awesome local shops here in the Tri-ports that have a little bit of everything for those pawesome fur-momma's out there to enjoy! To check them out simply click the blue text and don't forget to let them know I sent you!

Cove Apparel

This local shop in Port Hardy carries some amazing clothing for Men + Women as well as some great hats as well - and let's face it, with none of us able to get a haircut, some of us might be in need of a great hat soon to match the awesome outfits they have available!

Fire Chefs

This is one of my favorite places to grab a bite at whenever I'm in Port Hardy. I found them last summer when I was showing my family out visiting some of the super cute artist nooks + shops that can be found there and the smell of the amazing food you could smell for a full block! Needless to say, we popped in to check it out and were NOT disappointed! My personal favorite is their gianormous bowl of amazing seafood chowder - it is truly to die for!

Darrel MacIntosh Artwork

When we moved to Port Alice, I was tickled pink to find out there were two other awesome photographers here! Darrel is one that is my nephew's favorites - they especially love his very cute Sea Otters! We send them cards featuring Darrel's art fairly regularly and they keep them on their shelf in their bedrooms and love every card we send! His very adorable wildlife shots are sure to make every momma out there say Awwwwweeeee!

Port Alice Photography

Another amazing local photographer is Doug Bradshaw, and he is a favorite of my mothers! In fact, this stunning canvas is one hanging on our walls in our home that I got her for Christmas! Isn't it stunning!? The card she's holding in front of it is also his and is one we sent to my eldest nephew recently as well. He has a little something to make every momma smile!

Lady Faer Design

Lady Faer Designs is here in Port Alice and does floral arrangements as well as landscaping + house cleaning! All things that are sure to make your momma smile and become the envy of other mommas in the neighborhood!

Absolutely Grape

Okay, what momma out there, especially right now, doesn't love a great bottle of wine?! Whether you make your own special batch just for her to enjoy or purchase the products for her to make her own, this is a great gift idea to make those momma's smile!

19 North Apparel

This great North Island shop has amazing T-shirts and Hoodies for Men, Women, and even kids featuring some very unique and one of a kind North Island designs! There is a little something in there, in a variety of designs, colors, and styles to make every momma smile!

Something Chocolate

I first found this amazing local chocolatier at the Fall Fair last year and my mother and I devoured every delectable bite! We tried the pineapple coconut and the salted caramel and they were SCRUMPTIOUS! Seriously, what momma wouldn't love amazing locally made DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE for mother's day?! They have a little something for everyone's taste that will make every momma go MMMMMMM!


Handmade here in Port Alice, these body products make your skin feel simply LUCIOUS! I have to confess, I am partial to the lavender and the Coconut + Lime and even though I normally have chronically dry skin - these lotions help keep it feeling luxurious non-stop! And if your momma is anything like mine, and has sensitivities to scents, she even has a line of UNscented products too! So be sure to check her out and help those momma's out there feel like the Queen's they are!

And last but not least... here are a few treats you can pick up from us too here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography too for all those paw-some pet mommas! First and foremost is our gift certificates! They start at the price of a Port Paws Session so that everyone walks away with an amazing gift - not only of the session, but the reservation retainer (covered by the gift certificate) also rolls into a Wall Art Credit so your amazing mommas can pick up at least a little something beautiful for her home too!

Check out some of the amazing artwork, wall art, albums, and more we have to offer! And don't forget to check out the last one, Digital Watercolor Art that is currently only available for a limited time and can be purchased separately too just in time for Mother's Day! You can find out more about those HERE!

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