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Updated: Feb 9

I am passionate about shopping and supporting local where and whenever I'm able to. I also love spreading the word about excellent local shops here in the Triports, and let me tell you; we have some simply incredible local businesses and business owners too! Not only do they offer exceptional services and products, but they also do a tremendous amount to support our local communities as well!

Today, I am thrilled to share one of my favorites - Salon Wild in Port Alice! Angela is a phenomenal stylist, and she also now has had Courtney, who is a certified nail technician, join her as well! They are both OUTSTANDING!

Those who know me know I am far from being a "girly girl." That said, I had a tough time finding someone to do my hair the way I loved having it done when I lived in Abbotsford when I first moved to the North Island.

You see, when I lived in Abbotsford, I had a friend of mine doing it, and she always did a fantastic job and had found the perfect style and color for me while I was living there that suited me to the max! I started to dread when my hair needed a trim, which it regularly does, being such a short and precise cut.

Ready for my haircut at Salon Wild!

I'm not a girly girl who likes to primp, so I'm more of a wash-and-go style. I also have an additional issue of having not 1 but 3 cowlicks. I knew my hair could be a nightmare for some stylists, let alone me, to work on. Added to that was the fun part of getting the right shade of blond highlights that worked well. When I left Abbotsford, it was often a hit and a miss. I often felt disappointed and did not love my hair when we first got to Port Alice. It was always a fight and a struggle, and I didn't enjoy haircut day.

When Angela moved into Port Alice, I admit, I was skeptical at first. I hadn't had the best of luck and was hopeful but didn't want to be disappointed. But, let me tell you, I was anything but disappointed!

Feeling great after my haircut day adventure at Salon Wild!

She instantly saw the issues with my hair; when I showed her what I was looking for, she nailed it from the word go. When it came time for color, I was almost in tears. It was nothing short of perfect!

These days even my mother goes to Angela. Who, of course, does a fantastic job with her very fragile hair, making it look full and gorgeous and always makes her look and feel like a million!

These days, I'm thrilled to say, I don't dread going to the stylist for haircut day. On the contrary, I look forward to it. Angela and Courtney always make me give me full belly laughs, and I feel phenomenal every time we come into their salon.

Go see this amazing lady! She's the BEST!!!!!

If you're getting ready for your session, I HIGHLY recommend giving Angela a call and making an appointment to get your hair done with her as close to your session day as possible! I promise she'll make you feel and look simply excellent for your session day! And while you're there, why not book Courtney for a mani-pedi while you're there too? She does stunning work to make your nails look and feel great!

And even if you don't have a session coming up, why not just book an appointment with either of these amazing ladies and spoil yourself, just because! I promise you'll be so very glad you did!

Angela also loves to support local so be

sure to check out some local artists and

products while you're there!