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Lending a Helping Paw, How Your Sessions Help Pets in Need in Our Community!

There are 3 amazing ways your fur-kids Portrait session helps me give back to our community, which is something I am VERY passionate about!

  1. I have been a proud Hearts Speak member since 2015 and donate my time and skill to local animal rescues photographing rescue pets of all shapes, breeds, and sizes! I have worked with cats, dogs, and yes, even horses to help them find amazing furever homes! My passion for this came when I adopted Poly-ana and my old cat, Lisa-Lee. Lisa-Lee had no adoption photo at all, and Poly-ana's was less than stellar. Luckily for me and for Poly-ana, we found each other in person before I ever saw her website photo! When working with rescue groups I love capturing that one of a kind personalities with the help of local rescue volunteers who help make their personalities shine through! It is truly a team effort! I also share their photos and stories on my website and social media to help them find the puuuurrfect furever homes - pawing it forward as it were for me finding my own precious fur-kids who were also adopted! If you're a local animal rescue group that is in need of some adoption photos, be sure to give me a bark:

Big or small - I'm passionate about helping rescue pets get adopted! Featured here is handsome Ike!

2. Your fur-kids portrait session also helps because 10% of all sales get donated to my Featured Charity program. Each quarter I pick a new local animal nonprofit charity to showcase as my featured charity! After meeting up with them and capturing photos of their great work, I write up a great blog post or sometimes two telling you all about them and how you can lend them a helping paw! Often, and whenever possible, we also try to coordinate a Passion Paws Event helping to raise even more awareness and funds for the Featured Charity! If you're a local charity in need of a helping paw - be sure to give me a bark here:

Become a Featured Charity like BC Pets + Friends! Get the word out about your charity, raise some funds + awareness

3. The final way I give back is through silent auction donations to help amazing non profits raise needed funds to help them keep helping amazing pets in need in our area! If you're a local non-profit with an upcoming silent auction event be sure to give me a bark!

And there you have it, 3 ways that I am passionate about giving back to our community that your sessions go towards helping! If you're ready to have your fur-kid get in the spotlight and help some great causes too - be sure to give me a bark today!



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