June is Adopt A Cat Month

One of the amazing kittens photographed for the BCSPCA

Happy June Everyone! Did you know that June is Adopt a Cat Month? Let's see those raised paws if you're a happy and proud paw-rent of a paw-tastic Rescue Feline!

I am, of course, a very proud rescue cat momma! It is how I was paw-spired to become a pet photographer! It started with a simple (and very loud MEOW!) when I adopted my first feline, Lisa-Lee when I lived in Edmonton. Did you know she wasn't even on the website as the rescue group was transitioning from cats and dogs to just dogs? When I called to inquire about adopting a feline, they asked what I was looking for. Being single and having no other pets made matchmaking very easy, so I told them, the one who needs a home the most and the lady on the other end cried. She knew just the kitty for me and oh was she right. Lisa-Lee was truly the puuurrrfect match for me.

My sweet girl, Lisa-Lee who crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2017

6 months later, we added to our little fur family and I adopted Poly-ana who had a not so great looking photo on the rescue's website when I lived in Medicine Hat. I was intending on a kitten companion for Lisa-Lee but they were all under quarantine due to a ringworm breakout in the kitten room. So I took a look at some of the other cats around a year old - after 2 rooms I was disheartened and thought I hadn't found THE ONE yet. The amazing lady at the desk told me there was still one more room and I'm so glad I went in! That's where I found Poly-ana who happily sat on my lap puurrring away and when I asked if she wanted to come home with me she rolled on her back and put her 5 toed paws on my lips like she was saying YES! Of course I do! And it's been one heck of a journey with her ever since. Her rescue photo was the inspiration I needed to become a member of Hearts Speak + donate my time + skill to local rescue groups to help amazing fur-kids find their happy tails! Did you know that something as simple as a great photo can help an amazing fur-baby get adopted by over 60%! WOW! That's paw-spiring!