How to Get Over Your Fear of Being Photographed

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

It’s almost second nature to be self-critical. We nitpick at our hair, our cuticles, our figure. The truth is that we’re hardest on ourselves, and others very easily see the beauty in us even when we have a hard time seeing it ourselves. Unfortunately, this often means that we put off taking images until we’ve lost those “last pounds” or until our teeth are perfectly white, or until, until, until…

The problem with waiting until everything is “perfect” is that, well, you might be waiting for a while to finally get those pictures taken. There’s always an excuse not to if you have that mindset. I might be a little biased, but indefinitely postponing portraits means you’re missing out on meaningful photographs that you and your family - including your furry family members that you and they will ultimately treasure as the years go by.

To help you feel more comfortable during your next photo shoot — whenever it may be — I’ve outlined a few pointers below.

1. I’ve Got the Right Lenses and Light to Make You Feel and Look Amazing

Did you know that selfie cams not only distort the way your face actually looks, but that it’s even lead to a rise in medical aesthetic treatments? Even non-professional DSLRs are known for distorting facial proportions or using on-camera flashes that lead to unflattering shadows. As a professional, I not only have the best equipment to make you look amazing, but I also know my way around lenses, light, and angles.

2. I’ll Tell You Exactly What to Do

On that note, I also have vast knowledge regarding how to pose you. So many people come to me before they book a session and say something to the effect of, “I don’t know how to pose! I’m always so awkward! I hate every photo of myself!” Trust me when I say that you won’t have to think about how to pose, what to do with your hands, or how to tilt your head the entire time that you’re at your session. I will walk you through it all, and you’ll look incredible.

3. Treat Yourself — You Deserve It

They say that a good outfit can elevate your self-esteem, and we’ve seen it enough times to verify that this one’s the truth. Go shopping — with a friend or otherwise — and treat yourself to an outfit that you look and feel amazing in. While you’re at it, schedule a hair appointment and a manicure within a week of your shoot. These tiny tweaks can make a major difference in how confident you feel in front of the camera.

4. You’ll Be So Glad You Took Them Years From Now

I touched on this already, but it’s such a huge point that I feel like it deserves to be repeated. Years from now you will be so glad that you took these images. You’ll look back on the day and think about how much fun you had and get nostalgic about what that period in

your life was like with your beautiful fur-kids. Your family and friends will treasure those images, too. If you still feel like you don’t want your picture taken, do it for future you and those you love.