How To Feel Comfortable in Your Photos

For every session, I always ask pet parents if they would like a photo taken of them with their fur-babies. Sadly, many are often shy and don't want to be in them. Despite that, I always encourage every pet owner to do at least one, and if they don't like it, I can always delete it. I've yet to have a pet parent not love the photo that was captured of them together in the end.

Many pet parents say that they’re apprehensive to get their pictures taken with their furkids for all sorts of reasons, ranging from being “unphotogenic” to feeling awkward in front of the camera and beyond. To help you feel a bit more at ease leading up to the day of your session — and during the actual shoot — here are some pro tips below.

Talk to me about your fears during our Meet + Treat Session

Sometimes simply talking through the process can help you feel much more at ease. For starters, I’ll walk you through each step of the session-day process so that you know what to expect. Second, getting to know the person who’s going to be photographing you can help you feel much more relaxed and yourself on the day of.

You, Be You!

Have you ever packed for a vacation and decided you were going to bring four different novels and a couple of workout outfits even though you rarely read or workout? That same sort of mentality can occur when you’re prepping for a photo session as you try to reinvent who you are. Instead, relax and show up on session day as your authentic self. Wear clothes you feel beautiful and comfortable in!

Take a Page From Fido's Playbook - Be In the Moment

Our furkids teach us so much but one of my favorite lessons is to really stop and simply be in the moment. Relax with your pup and sit and give them scritches or simply walk with them by your side. No matter what, simply relax and enjoy the day. I'm here for you every step of the way, and session day is all about being in the moment, relaxing, and having fun with your fur-kid!

Go Ahead and Glam it Up

It’s a fine line between not being true to who you are and wanting to look amazing on the day of your shoot. The key to feeling amazing and comfortable on your session day is to elevate the traits you really like about yourself. If you love flowing dresses, find one that you feel incredible in. If your hair is your favorite feature, go ahead and get a blowout or spend the few hours beforehand focusing on your hairdo. If you feel more comfortable with a bit of color, schedule your spray tan. Do these things only if you feel like it will make you feel your best and not because you feel like you “should.” And remember, if you have questions about ideas for what to wear or any questions at all about your session date, I'm here FOR YOU! So give me a bark and let's talk about ideas for your outfit or your hair or anything else that has you worried for session day!

Know That I'm a Pro at This Stuff

One of the reasons why people experience post-photo stress is that they might not have had the best images taken. This is often due to good ol' selfies! Due to the lens on our phones, selfies create a distorted image of your face. Also, lighting and angles seriously matter. Please know that I'm a pro at this stuff. I know which poses to put you in that’ll make you look and feel amazing and we know how to position you against the light (and use extra light) and how to position your fur-kid as well, to create a stunning portrait with your fur-kid.