How Paws + Tails Pet Photography Gives Back to the Community

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Here at Paws + Tails Pet Photography, I'm a HUGE believer in paying it forward. I feel so blessed to be where I'm at right now — not just in the success of this business, but also just in my everyday life. In 2009, life was feeling rather rough, and I adopted a beautiful rescue cat name Lisa-Lee and it started to change me. I loved taking photos of her and documenting our journey together. Later in the year, I adopted a second cat named Poly-Ana and it was love at first paw. As I enjoyed photographing their adventures, I started thinking about when I adopted them. Lisa-Lee had no adoption photo and I adopted her sight unseen. I told them I was looking for a cat who needed a home the most but was hardest to place - and with that - we were a dynamic duo. Poly-Ana had an adoption photo I found out after I brought her home, but her eyes glowed, the floor was dirty and it was taken looking down on her - and didn't really showcase who she was. It got me thinking about the other adoptable pets on the website as I scrolled through and it was about then I also started learning about Hearts Speak.

Poly - Ana's online adoption photo from the rescue group I adopted her from.

My beautiful Poly-Ana taken in 2018