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how fostering rescue pets makes you a real-life super-hero (minus the cape)

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Fostering a pet. It’s a tough decision for many to make. Worries about lack of support or even getting too attached are significant reasons people turn it down. That said, I’m here to tell you why, when you choose to lend a helping paw by Fostering a rescue pet, YOU, yes YOU, become a real-life, fully certified Super-Hero (minus the cape).

#1 - You’re literally saving two lives. Fostering a shelter or rescue animal will save that foster pet’s life and the life of another animal in need by freeing up space.

#2. You change a furkid’s life. We cannot imagine what some furkids have been through; it’s often heartbreaking. But, if we take a moment to imagine being scared and uncomfortable in a strange environment - it can make a difference. Sadly, this is how many rescues feel, especially when they are dropped off or placed in a shelter environment. However, this is where you, the real-life superhero, swoop in and save the day! Foster parents open their hearts and homes to rescues who really need that extra TLC. Time and attention in a quiet, stable, and safe environment can help them not just survive but start to THRIVE finally.

#3 - Fostering is often flexible. There are many great foster programs out there, and there are opportunities to open your heart and home to senior pets, especially-abled pets, cats or dogs, or even just the one who needs the most TLC. Whatever your preference is, there is a lot of choice and opportunity. There is also a wide range of rescue groups and shelters to choose from that all have different programs in place, so you’re free to pick one that fits you and your lifestyle.

#4 - You teach a furkid they’re loved. And don’t we all need that sometimes? I’ll never forget when I worked with one rescue; they brought furkids whose paws had never touched the earth. Seeing them doing zoomies in the yard and thriving with their new foster parents was beautiful! Through fostering, furkids receive the love and companionship they need and improve their socialization skills and other skills they need to move on to being adopted. The interaction you provide can help them get adopted that much faster!

#5 You’re giving them a second chance. And don’t we all deserve that? Your love and affection give them a second chance to thrive and find a fantastic home. YOUR care and compassion truly help save their lives and make you a superhero and an unstoppable advocate for local rescue pets.

I hope this short blog helps you take another look at fostering and how important it is to rescue pets near and far. If it’s helped change your mind or learn more about fostering, be sure to share this post! If you have changed your mind about fostering, please contact your local rescue group or shelter organization and ask them how you can become a real-life foster paw-rent superhero!

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