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Hoofprints on My Heart: My Journey with Equine Rescue

Updated: Jul 7

As I reflect on my journey with equine rescue, I'm reminded of the incredible horses I've had the privilege of meeting. Each one has left an indelible mark on my heart, and I'm honored to share their stories with you.

Tao's Story

Tao, a handsome ex-racing thoroughbred, was a horse I'll never forget. When he first arrived at the rescue, he was hesitant around people, but with patience and love, he blossomed into an energetic, intelligent, and creative equine. I'll never forget the way he nuzzled my nephews, who adored him, or the way he'd prance around the pasture, his mane flowing in the wind.

Tao's story is a testament to the power of redemption and second chances. He went from being a discarded racehorse to a beloved companion, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of his journey. Watching him find his forever home was a moment I'll always treasure, and I know he'll continue to thrive with his new family.

Mandy's Story

Mandy, a gentle mare, stole my heart with her kind spirit and affectionate nature. She arrived at the rescue with her best friend, Baby, and watching them together was like witnessing a beautiful dance. Mandy's story is a reminder that companion horses bring just as much joy to our lives as any other equine partner.

I'll never forget the way Mandy would nuzzle me, her soft breath on my skin, and her gentle eyes that seemed to say, "I'm grateful for you." She taught me about the importance of connection and compassion, and I'll always cherish the memories we made together. Mandy may have been a rescue horse, but she rescued me in ways I never thought possible.

Jessie's Story - The horse who stole my heart

Jessie, my heart horse, was more than just a rescue horse - she was a kindred spirit. From the moment she arrived at the rescue, I knew she was special. Her gentle eyes and soft nuzzles captured my heart, and I was honoured to be a part of her journey.

As I spent more time with Jessie, I realized we shared a deep connection. We both had our own struggles and scars, but we found solace in each other's company. I'll never forget the way she'd lean her head on my chest, her warm breath on my skin, and her soft whinnies that seemed to say, "I understand."

Jessie's story is one of resilience and courage. Despite her health issues and painful past, she never lost her spirit. She taught me about the power of love, patience, and dedication, and I'll always cherish the memories we made together.

I said my goodbyes to Jessie the day before she passed, and though it broke my heart, I was honoured to be her companion and friend.

Even though she's no longer here, her legacy lives on. She inspired me to help other horses find their forever homes, and to never give up on love and compassion.

Jessie may have been a rescue horse, but she rescued me in ways I never thought possible.

These horses have taught me so much about love, compassion, and the importance of never giving up. They've left hoofprints on my heart, and I'll always be grateful for the time we shared together.

If you're an equine rescue or know of one in need, let's work together to make a difference in the lives of these incredible animals.

A few more happy equine tails and horses that left hoofprints on my heart along the way


Preserve the love, laughter, and tail wags that make life paw-some!

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