Hoofprints on my heart

Updated: Sep 24

In honor of Day of the horse, I'm sharing some of my favorite equine rescue photos and stories today. Every furkid, I have the joy and privilege of capturing leave hoof and paw prints on my heart, rescue animals especially so. When I first moved to Abbotsford in 2012, I worked with local horse rescues and loved working with these beautiful equines. They all left unique hoof prints on my heart, and I'm so happy to share their stories with you today. I hope they inspire you as much as they all inspired me.

Tao's Story

Tao upon arriving at the rescue

First up is the ever handsome Tao. Tao left giant hoof prints on my heart and my family's hearts as well, especially my nephews. Despite having long since found his forever home, Tao is often asked about, and when he thinks about animal adoption, Tao is the first to come to his heart. Tao's a gorgeous ex-racing thoroughbred who arrived underweight and wasn't super keen on people when he first came.

Over time, he warmed up to everyone and was an energetic, intelligent, and creative equine! Unfortunately, due to a reoccurring hoof infection, he was often on stall rest, and it caused him to get both bored and ornery some days, which was understandable. He was a handful but also made us laugh with his creative antics.

The Many Adventures of Tao while at the Rescue

My nephew met Tao on one of his trips out with my sister-in-law and her family to come to visit the horses. Tao barely touched his lips to my nephew's outstretched hands despite his great size as he bravely offered him some hay. Tao even nuzzled my younger nephew, who my sister-in-law was carrying in a carrier on her chest. It was great to see him as mesmerized by children as they were by him. It didn't take long for my older nephew to start referring to Tao as HIS pony. He would often ask how his PONY was doing when I returned from the horse rescue. Sadly, Tao was in the rescue for two years due to his orneriness, searching for just the right human to come along. My nephew started getting concerned for HIS PONY, who also shared his birthday, so he got Tao a birthday hat from the store to turn him into a unicorn because who doesn't want to adopt a unicorn? He was very worried his pony would never find a good home.

As fortune would have it, we got a new volu