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happy national train your dog month!

I often hear people say, but my pet can’t sit, stay or come on command, which makes them tentative about getting photos done. Firstly, please know, even if your pet failed miserably out of obedience school, I have the skills + more than a few tricks to make sure we can capture your special furry family members.

Additionally, this month is a great time to help teach your fur-kids any of these great skills that help, not only with getting their photo taken but in everyday life as well. That’s because January is National Train Your Dog Month!

Over the years, I’ve had the great fortune of working with many trainers during events, hanging out + capturing their furry family members along the way. They have also taught me more than a few things along the way that always help not only when working with clients to capture their pets, but also with my own canine diva – Miss Ozzy!

How does one celebrate National Train Your Dog Month you ask? Well, there are many ways to celebrate! It’s a new year and a new decade – be sure to teach your fur-kid a brand-new trick! Be it roll over, sit, stay or come, there are a ton of great tricks to choose from! If you need help with training your fur-kid or teaching an old pup new tricks, be sure to contact your local dog trainer! They’re amazing!

Another fun way is by starting a new trend of enjoying Furry Fridays with your fur-kids! Go for a walk, watch a dog-themed movie complete with treats for you and your pet, go to a dog museum, dog party, check out the local agility club or any number of fantastic activities! Whatever activity you choose, spending time with your fur-kid is always extra wonderful! The time you spend together can also help aid in training as you’re building a loving + trusting bond at the same time as having FUN + relaxing!

Lastly, be sure to get on social media! Social media! It can be a fun way to share your dog’s tricks, challenges + connect with other dog lovers, learn new things and even find help from outstanding local dog trainers!

No matter how you spend it, we love national train your dog month because a little help goes an incredibly long way! Sadly, every year thousands of amazing pups wind up in shelters because their owners couldn’t train them and ended up finding them too tough to live with. By celebrating National Dog Training Month, we are hoping it encourages everyone to work on all those little things and that, in the end, it will help keep some loving pups OUT of local shelters.

We also love it because trained dogs are healthy dogs! Training isn’t a luxury, it’s imperative to their well-being. Like children, they need + love to constantly learn amazing new things + to engage + stretch their minds! While you might find training time though, it can be a fun + enriching activity for your pets!

For many I know, this can seem like a daunting task so I cannot say it enough times today. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. No one’s pet is perfect all the time and if you’re having trouble, reach out to your local trainers!

This month is extra fantastic because by celebrating it, it helps to connect you + others together so you can share your experiences, laugh together at silly bloopers, watch the experts and learn together.

We hope you have an amazing time celebrating Train Your Dog Month and hope you’ll share your new tricks and adventures with us online! Have a great January everyone!



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