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Happy National Sheltie Day!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Happy National Sheltie Day Everyone! Today I'm sharing 5 pros and 5 cons about Shelties! I love shelties and my very first session as a pet photographer was with this stunning pup named Bre who left some rather large paw prints on my heart.

While Shelties do rock, please remember if you're looking to add a new addition to your home and family that your local rescue groups + shelters often have purebred pups also awaiting a great home. So please be sure to give one of them a bark + let them help find you the perfect match for your family, home + lifestyle!

As always, every breed has many pro's and con's - so always be sure to do your homework first either online, asking other dog owners who have that breed at the dog park or local breed-specific groups that get together or dog sport events, before deciding on a breed you'd like to adopt, or even better, head down to that local shelter or rescue that often have a great match in mind for you and your family that fits your home and lifestyle needs.

Be sure to also check out these great sheltie rescue resources to find one near you HERE or this one as well HERE and HERE .

Now, without further ado, here are 5 pro's all about amazing shelties!

1. They are SUPER Smart and because of that, they're often used for therapy or other medical alert pups and even found often in dog sports like agility. They are also super attentive and responsive and love nothing more than learning new tricks!

2. They are playful, affectionate, and devoted to their families.

3. They have a super sweet and gentle temperament

4. They have beautiful coats in a variety of colors that are simply magnificent when well cared for.

5. They are also super attentive and responsive and love nothing more than learning new tricks!

5 things you'll want to keep in mind about Shelties however are:

1. They are high-energy dogs so don't let their small stature fool you - they are small but very fast! So if you're more couch potato than jogging diva - then you may want to reconsider a sheltie.

2. They can be more reserved with strangers and may need to have more socialization than some other breeds to get used to new people and pups.

3. They have quick reflexes that often result in them overreacting to stimuli like noises.

4. They get very lonely if left alone as well, and that loneliness can often turn into neurosis like chronic barking or chewing and other separation anxiety-based disorders.

5. While those coats are gorgeous they also take a lot of work to maintain properly and result in constant big-time shedding - so if you hate dog hair - a sheltie may not be a great match for you.

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