Halloween Pet Safety tips

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Post on OCtober 15

Halloween night can be scary for pets, and not in a good way! Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy Halloween:

Keep your pet calm If you are having a costume party or will be opening the door for trick-or-treaters, your house will be filled with people in strange outfits. This may cause some anxiety for pets. Keep them in a separate room so they can remain calm. Try having them in a separate room if you can while the little ghouls and goblins come visiting for treats and tricks. This will help ensure they are kept safe + sound indoors where it's cozy, warm and peaceful.

Keep candy well hidden If your pet is anything like my beagle, she will hunt out that chocolate in no time. Remember that chocolate (and probably most candy) is not good for your pets. Make sure it is well out of reach!

Check costumes If you plan to have your pet wear a costume for the holiday, make sure it fits well (unlike Honey’s). Too snug and it may cause pain or restrict movement. Too loose and your pet could get caught up in it. It is probably best to make sure that your costumed pet is always supervised. Also, make sure your pet actually enjoys being in the costume, if they don't, please try not to force the issue with them.

Check the Decorations

Make sure those electrical cords, lights + spook-a-licious decore is kept out of reach so your pet doesn't get a shock, cut or burns. While you're checking the decorations, don't forget to check on that pumpkin too if you have a real candle inside too!

Check the ID's!

This one is a good one to do year-round, but it's a special reminder to put it on the to do list at this time of year. Don't forget to make sure your pet has a collar with ID on it or that your pet has their microchip or tattoo information up to date just in case of an emergency! This will help ensure they get back home a little bit faster. Also, make sure you have some recent, clear photos of your fur-kids where you can see their face and any unique markings in case of an emergency at any time of the year.


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