Gratitude sessions - one for one session

People are sacrificing their own time with their families so I can spend time with mine. That I can take care of mine. I have cousins who are nurses and a SIL working in the hospital as an Xray + CT tech among many others out there right now. But, let me repeat that. People are sacrificing their own time with their families and their health so I can spend time with and taking care of mine.

And I am grateful…and I am struggling…...I'm struggling with this insane privilege of staying home with the people I love...struggling with the fear of the uncertain financial future we’re all facing...and heartbroken for the people packing up and moving out of their homes or businesses closing because their future has, in two short weeks, already been decided.

I’m also incredibly hopeful that we will all find our footing again, that we’ll collectively come up with the solutions that support each other and our local businesses, and that we’ll find a way to repay the debt we owe to the grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, truck drivers, farmworkers, police, first responders, emergency childcare providers, pharmacists, insurance agents, firemen, drugstore operators, and other essential workers...for sure I missed someone!...who are the only reason we can take care of our families at home right now.

So, needless to say, that when I heard about an amazing fellow BC Family Photographer - Anastasia Chomlack from Whistler starting this incredible and amazing project - One for One Gratitude Sessions - I was all in! Btw, if you're in the Fraser valley be sure to check her out - she's amazing!

With these special + limited One for One Gratitude Sessions, I'll be offering one-for-one (local) Port Paws Sessions.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, let me just ask, Have you been appreciating your fur-kids and all the hard work they've been being the best great four-legged psychologists during these tough times? If so, maybe a Port Paws Session is in order to capture some memories with your amazing fur-baby + your amazing family. Or maybe one of these amazing reasons to have a session applies instead and now is just the perfect time with this gorgeous weather?

With the One for One Gratitude Sessions, all of my local Port Paws sessions booked between now and the 30th of April at midnight PST will additionally be purchasing a photo session for an essential front line worker of your choice and their family. If you don't know one, but still want to pass along the gratitude, let me know and I will be sure that extra session makes it to an amazing person who really could use it!

Yup, you read that right. You purchase yours, and you get to also nominate an amazing frontline worker or essential worker to have a complimentary session - including a beautiful + complimentary 14x11 canvas from their session.

Why the additional canvas for the nominees? It is simple. With your session, it will, as usual, have your Reservation Retainer roll into a fine art credit but the complimentary session will not have a credit to roll over.

And that just didn't sit well with me. I wanted to show my gratitude and not have anyone leave feeling bad that they had this great session, but, for whatever reason, couldn't afford to additionally get nice wall art in the end for their homes. So, that's where the complimentary 14x11 Canvas Wall Art. It is because my goal is to make sure everyone who signs up for these extra-special sessions ends up with a beautiful wall art piece to celebrate their four-legged companions and their families and to feel all the love and gratitude I have for everything they've done through this pandemic.

I know, without a doubt, that this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. And let me tell you, I CANNOT WAIT! I can't wait to hug my nephews and squeeze them to bits, to meet up with all of you amazing clients and have a glass of wine with my friends while watching the humpbacks play in my yard, to mourn the loss of family members that have passed during this crisis. However, until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on, sharing those photos of your fur-kids and their silly gorgeous faces. Your love and resilience are more powerful than you know to all of us!

And to all you essential and front line workers out there:


We are all grateful beyond words for everything you have done and are doing!

*Please note that all photo sessions to take place (of course!) when physical social distancing guidelines have been lifted. Everyone who signs up will receive a gift certificate for their session + one will additionally be sent to the nominated frontline or essential workers as well that can be used until the end of the year.

To sign up and book these special sessions - be sure to check out my website here to sign up!

If you have any questions about this offer - be sure to give me a bark at: