Check the Chip Day

Happy Check the Chip day everyone! Did you know that today is a very important day for us paw-rents today? While many of us take time to microchip or use other forms of ID like a tattoo or an ID collar, many of us forget to change or update our contact information as we move to a new home or even simply change our phone numbers.

Did you know that Dogs are 2.5 times more likely to be returned to their owners if they are microchipped? And cats are 21.4 times if they are microchipped. However, the biggest key to ensuring that microchips are effective is if the owner’s information is kept up to date and accurate. Otherwise, they may be returned to the animal rescue or shelter, and no further attempts to contact you could be made. A family pet is lost every two seconds. One out of three pets is lost during their lifetimes. Only one in ten is found.

Today if your fur-kid has a microchip, be sure to take a moment to double-check the information on it to ensure it is up to date!

After all, a visit to the veterinarian shouldn’t always be traumatic. Bring them for some vanilla ice cream after, a trip to the park, or just some new toys to play within the house. After all, you love your pet enough to get the chip, why not spend even more time with them?

Does your pet have a microchip? Not sure? Your veterinarian can help you determine if your pet already has a microchip. If not, we can implant a microchip quickly and easily within a few seconds. The process is similar to administering a vaccine, and no sedation is necessary.

Is your pet microchipped, but you are not sure how to update your pet’s microchip registration information? Your veterinarian can help determine your pet’s microchip number.

Today be sure to give your fur-kid a lot of extra love and double-check the information on your fur-babies tattoo, microchip, or even their collar ID tags is up to date and accurate!

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