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Celebrating 7 Years as a Hearts Speak Artist

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Today I'm celebrating my seventh anniversary as a member of Hearts Speak with an indulgent mocha. While the past two years, I haven't been able to pursue my passion between moving and covid, I'm hopeful that in 2022, I will finally be able to follow it at last.

All the furkids I have the joy of photographing, via Hearts Speak or as clients leave big paw and hoof prints on my heart and teach me so much. I have had the joy of working with furkids that are young, old, specially-abled, and fully-abled and everything in between. Furkids who had never felt grass under their feet, ones who came in malnourished or neglected in other ways, one's who had no trust left in humans and everything in between. It never ceases to amaze me the beautiful lessons they teach us about love, life, and everything in between.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Martin & Twinkles and if you missed the post about Jessie over the holidays, be sure to check out my blog post: Hoofprints on my heart. They are just a few of the many furkids who have left paw and hoofprints along my journey as a pet photographer working with Hearts Speak, and I hope they inspire you too.

If you'd like to learn more about Hearts Speak and/or would like to donate to them to help them keep being able to donate gear and teach local rescues how to photograph, write excellent bios, and do other great works supporting local rescue groups, and help ensure that no rescue pet ever goes unseen, please be sure to check them out at:

And in honor of it being my 7th anniversary as a member, please be sure to share your rescue pet's story with us all today, and let's celebrate how beautiful and incredible they are, together! I can't wait to hear your furkid's happy tails and how they inspire you! And don't forget, if you can, please be sure to volunteer, donate and/or spread the word about your favorite local rescue group (in fact, feel free to share a shout-out to them in the comments section below today!) and adoptable furkids no matter where you live.

A special Thank you to Hearts Speak for inspiring and supporting my passion every step of my journey and to my furkids for inspiring me to give back every chance I get to local rescues. If you're a local rescue group here in the Triport area or even just have foster parents in the area and would like some adoption photos captured, be sure to give me a bark! I'm always happy to lend a helping paw!

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