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7 Tips to take excellent photos of your dog at home!

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing 10 tips to help you take amazing photos of your pet at home and I'm even including a downloadable checklist for you to print and use as a handy guide after you've read this pawsome blog post!

  1. The most important thing to remember when taking photos of your pet is PATIENCE. Our fur-kids are sensitive and sometimes it takes them a while to fully understand what we're asking of them. I promise you'll rarely get the best shot the first try, so be patient and keep trying! Don't get frustrated because believe me, your fur-kid will pick up on it and it will make it that much more difficult to get that photo that you were hoping to capture!

  2. Watch the light! Look around before you snap that pic! Are you in a shady area? A dark room in your house? Are you taking it at night? Is it a mid-day sun blaring overhead? Light is important so it's important to take notice if you'd like to get a great shot.

  3. Find the light! Look around and find out where the light is best around you. If you are photographing in a park with a field and trees with the mid-day sun, instead of taking a photo in the field with that scorching sun overhead, move over to the shade but to the edge of it. Your photo won't be quite so blown out that way and I'm sure your pet will thank you for the break from the sunshine! Contrary to many people's belief the best light is not bright sunny mid-day sun, it's actually, overcast and at sunrise + sunset! If you're shooting inside, a great spot is beside a window, have your pet looking at the window while your back is to the window! This will light up your fur-kids face with a nice soft light!

  4. Watch the background. Check out what's behind you're fur-kid while you're posing them. Is there a tree behind them that will look like your pet is growing trees out of their back if you shoot now? Are there bright colored objects like a trash can or a jungle gym behind them? Or if you're shooting inside, is there a pile of laundry or some blinds behind them? Make sure there is nothing behind them or it could make for some interesting out-takes!

  5. Get low! No lower, and lower still. If you want the photo to be the best don't take it while standing up looking down on your pet, get to their eye level, which means, getting low low low low low!

  6. Get ready and into a position to shoot before the next step! Once you have your pet in the right spot, in the right light, and are down low and ready to go and you're ready to hit that shutter, then move onto the next step!

  7. Does your pet like toys or treats? Does a keyword like Car Ride get their attention every time? Whatever grabs their attention, once they are sitting in that perfect spot, and you're down as low as you can go, hold that attention getter as close to the lens as you can and only once you're ready to snap that photo - then they will look right at the camera lens and not off to the side! It will also help get their ears up which always makes for an awesome photo!

Voila! You should have an awesome photo of your pet now! If you didn't nail it the first time refer again to tip #1, Patience! It will often take more than one try to get that shot, but don't let a miss deter you! You got this and I can't wait to see the images you capture!

To download and print these 7 tips - be sure to head over HERE to download!

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