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7 easy tips to rock your summertime pet session + checklist

Summer is just around the corner and with it, some of my FAVORITE pet photography sessions! So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share a few quick tips + tricks to help you rock your pet session + I've even added a checklist of key things to remember to bring to your session!

Tip # 1: Be sure to wear them out. A couple of hours before your session, be sure to let them burn some energy so they'll be a little more relaxed for their session. With that note, be sure not to overdo the exercise, especially in summer, so they do still have energy for the session and they are not overheated or panting heavily during their session. If the location is new to your furkid and they've never been there before, be sure to arrive at least 30 min early so they can do what they do best and check out their new surroundings before the session starts.

Tip #2: Well ahead of your session, be sure to practice or brush up on any commands your pet knows. A basic sit/stay/lay down goes a long way during your session and if they know other tricks you might want to capture be sure to brush up on those as well.

Tip #3: Getting them groomed. If they need a cut, be sure to do it a week or so in advance just in case there's a grooming mishap. Not unlike us humans, a fresh cut can sometimes need a little while to rest to look its very best. The day before your session, be sure to give them a quick bath + a good brushing to make sure they look their best.

Tip #4: Be sure to give your fur-kid a quick touch-up before their session. Check their ears + eyes to make sure they are clean + clear.

Tip #5: Get yourself ready + relaxed to enjoy your session. Our furkids pick up on all our emotions so if you're nervous, they likely will be too. Be sure to take a deep breath and enjoy being unplugged and be IN the moment with your fur-kid. Don't fret about if things go awry because with furkids, they most certainly will end up being some shenanigans, but that's okay! Let them be themselves and we will take the time needed for you and them to be relaxed for your special close-ups!

Tip #6: Leashes, Collars + Harnesses. My top priority is your and your furkid's safety. If your furkid doesn't have a top-notch recall, they'll be on a leash with a collar during the session. So be sure to bring your favorite collar! While I can edit out leashes, I will not remove a harness during the editing process. So if your furkid requires one, be sure to bring a collar as well for the photo sessions and then slip the harness on for your trip to and from the session.

Tip #7: Dress for the session. If you're having a session in the woods, maybe your favorite high heels or sandals arent' the best choice for footwear. Pick something YOU feel 110% comfortable + confident in - it does NOT have to be formal wear! And ladies if you're wearing a skirt or a dress, be sure to wear leggings underneath and that it is a good length. Remember I'll be taking photos at your furkids level a majority of the time so be sure to make sure it is long enough not to create any embarrassing wardrobe mishaps. For summertime, I recommend some rich natural tones for your session. Do keep in mind your furkids coat color + the color tones found in the location we'll be shooting in! We don't want you to blend in with the background or clash with your furkids coat!

Your Summertime Session Checklist!

Don't forget to bring:

  1. Poop Bags

  2. Water bottle for yourself + your furkid along with a dish for them to drink out of

  3. Any special props like collars, blankets, clothing, toys for your pet you'd like to have in your session

  4. Pet Wipes to clean up any tear stains or accidents during your session

  5. Your pets favorite squeaky toy or treat that they respond to

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