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5 Ways to Spoil Your Pup forSpoil Your Dog Day

Happy Spoil Your Dog Day everyone! Today gives all of us pet owners the perfect excuse to spoil your dog! Well...let's be honest, a lot of us don't really need an excuse to spoil our dogs, but it still counts as a great excuse!

As many dog owners know that too much spoiling can lead to bad health or behavioral problems. For a lot of dog owners, it's less about when to spoil their dogs and more about how to keep from spoiling them too much. National Spoil Your Dog Day is the perfect time to pamper our pets and by concentrating a lot of our spoiling on a single day, we leave room for our dogs to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle, overall.

So much love, so little time The sad truth about dogs is that they don't live as long as humans. But somehow, dogs pack a lifetime of love and licks into little over a decade. Dogs love us without question, and they never complain about our busy schedules or the taste of their food. For all the love, companionship, and straight-up adoration our dogs lavish upon us, don't you think they deserve a day of getting spoiled in return?

Every dog is unique, but there's always that little something that makes your dog special to you. Whatever the quirks that you love about your dog, we love that every dog has quirks to love.

1. Another favorite way to spoil your pup for Spoil your dog day is to Dole out the treats! After all, what dog doesn't love treats? You can even keep it healthy by adding in some natural treats like carrots, salmon skin, or coconut oil. Try making your own dog food or treats–the secret ingredient is LOVE! (you can find some of my favs here) Not interested in making your own, try giving your dog some new treats or dog bones. You can also try stopping by your local Barkery who's sure to have some extra tasty treats for your fur-kids! Seriously, these treats look so good you'll want to eat it! If your dog has never been to a dog-friendly bakery, this will be an extra-special experience. Not to mention, you'll have an opportunity to interact with tons of other dogs, too. Looking for another special way to treat Fido today? Try cooking your pup a tasty feast fit for a four-legged King (or Queen, I'm not biased) If your dog is typically on canned or dried food, they'll go wild for an opportunity to get a home-cooked meal they don't have to steal off the table. Try cooking your dog some chicken and sweet potatoes. You can also add some spinach and wild rice to bulk up the meal if needed. Even adding some warmed up chicken broth to their everyday meal will make it feel more special and extra specially delicious!

2. Does your pup love to be active more than they enjoy a tasty treat? Try doing some special doggy activities with them! Instead of your usual walk around the block, you could take your dog to the dog park to socialize with other dogs while you walk, and some parks host dog-related events, especially on dog holidays! With us living in the BEAUTIFUL and uniquely wonderful North Island, try shaking up that routine with a stroll at a local riverbed or beach? If Fido's not keen on moving bodies of water, have no fear, try checking out a new local trail instead as a special treat! I know you'll both greatly enjoy the change of pace and enjoying some unplugged adventure time!

3. Does your pup have a wardrobe that would be the envy of any superstar? Today be sure to get your dog a fun new outfit! Or if they prefer toys to clothes - go ahead and buy that $30 toy you've been itching to buy for them - or let them pick one in the store! After all, if you've ever brought your pup with you to the pet store, you know they tend to just pull things off the shelves or try to steal bones and chews that smell good. On this special day, let your pup pick out a toy or treat and let them keep it! Does your pup need a new cozy spot to snooze because their current one is too small or smells like old socks and drool? Spoil them by purchasing your fur-kid a super cozy new place to lay their adorkable heads.

4. Does your fur-kid enjoy a good pampering at the spa as much as any television diva? Then today, be sure to treat your dog to a trip to a dog spa, where they can be groomed, spoiled, and pampered. Some pet spas often also offer pedicures, massages, and aromatherapy for dogs.

5. Does your fur-baby bring the term couch potato to a whole new level? Be sure to extend your cuddle session for maximum snuggles while checking out your favorite pup themed movie or while catching up on a great pup filled novel while they doze on your lap!

There we go, 5 great ways to spoil your pup for Spoil Your Dog Day! How did you spoil your pup today! I'd love to hear them in the comments section!

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