5 reasons birds are amazing pets and 5 tips to remember before bringing one home

Happy National Bird Day everyone! As a teenager, we had zebra finches in our home and they were amazing to have in our home however, while they did bring joy, they did also come with some interesting quirks that other pets don't have. So, to celebrate today I'm sharing 5 awesome reasons Birds can make amazing pets (for the right humans) and 5 things you'll want to keep in mind before bringing one into your home.

5 Reasons Why Birds Make Amazing Pets

1. Birds Are Intelligent and rank near the top in intelligence among the animal kingdom.

2. Birds Need Minimal Grooming due to being naturally very hygienic animals, their owners can often maintain their pet’s health and good looks with a quick nail trim occasionally and a shower of plain water once or twice a week.

3. They are quite suited for Stay-at-Home Households because they are creatures that flock, meaning that they are used to having companions at all times. A single bird will want a friend as much as humans do. They love staying at home as much as any good homebody does.

4. No Need to Walk Birds. As anyone who has ever owned a dog knows, sometimes our four-legged friends pick the most inopportune times to need to go outside to go potty—which has to be done several times a day, sometimes at night, and regardless of bad weather. Cat owners have to scoop their kitty's litter box several times a day to keep it clean and control the smell. With a pet bird, you never have to worry about this because they can be trained to use the bathroom in their cages. Sure, you have to deal with cleaning the cage, but you generally only have to worry about that once per day.

5. Tenants who own cats or dogs are often charged a monthly “pet fee”. Most landlords, however, do not consider birds to be a "pet" and sometimes do not impose a monthly fee for them. For this reason, a bird can be an economical pet choice for renters.