5 Favorite pet donut recipes and 5 of our favorite human ones too

Happy National Donut Day Everyone!!!

In celebration of all things donuts, today I'm sharing some tasty donut recipes for your dogs + even horses to enjoy plus an extra 5 tasty donut recipes for us pet pawrents too to enjoy! There's even Keto + Gluten-Free recipes to try! I hope these fun and tasty treat recipes make you and your fur-kids smile and drool just a little bit!

Bon Appetite!

Five Pet Donut Recipes

1. Bacon Peanut Butter Donuts from Sunny Day Family

2. 2 DIY Horse Donut Recipes from Cheshire Horse

3. Apple Crunch Donut (or Pupcake) Recipe from Miss CandiQuik

4. Hypoallergenic Pumpkin Doggy Donut Holes from Dogvilles

5.Doggy Donut Recipe from Pawfeel

Five human donut recipes

1. Coffee Cake Donuts with Vanilla Glaze from Baker by Nature

2. 2 Ingredient Baked Cake Donuts from the Baker Momma

3. 9 Mouth-Watering Keto Donut Recipes from The Keto God

4. Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Donuts from Mamma Knows Gluten-Free

5. Gluten-Free Gingerbread Donuts from Gluten-Free Palate