5 Favorite DIY Pet Halloween Costumes + 5 favorite Etsy store ones too

It is almost that time of year again, that time that we all love to get dressed up and say those magical words... TRICK OR TREAT. This year with Covid-19 many of us won't be trick or treating, however, don't let it dull the sheer joy of dressing up and having fun and of course eating some tasty treats!

Today I'm sharing some fun DIY and some super cute Etsy costumes I've found! Now, before you go getting all excited, please make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe in any costume first and foremost. Ozzy, for instance, doesn't care for a full costume but does enjoy some bows and her super cute pumpkin shirt. Poly-ana HATES costumes and simply lays down if they're on her to show her dismay. So please be sure your fur-kid feels safe and relaxed if you choose to dress them up with you this year.

Now without further ado, here are my 5 favorite DIY's and they include costumes for dogs, guinea pigs, cats, and even horses!

5 Favorite DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

  1. Multiple Patterns: Mad Hatter, Gandalf, and more!

  2. Multiple Patterns: Starbucks Dog, Beaney Baby, Martini, and more!

  3. 7 Costumes for Guinea Pigs!

  4. Horse Halloween Costumes!

  5. Cat Halloween Costumes

And I love supporting small shops so here are some cute outfits I found on Etsy to inspire your creativity with as well! How fun are these?! There are ones for dogs, cats and yes, even another one for you equine parents out there too!

5 favorite Etsy store ones too

  1. Golf Dog

  2. Chucky Dog

  3. Small Pet Wizard

  4. Police Cat

  5. Doctor Dog

  6. White Witch Horses

I hope all these fun outfits have you inspired and help put you fully into the trick or treating spirit this year and help make you smile and giggle just a little bit!


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