5 broken pit myths and 9 reasons why pits make awesome canine companions

I have a confession to make. When I was very young, I was terrified of pit bulls. We had a white one that lived next door and he was a grumpy dog that made me incredibly nervous. What I realize now, is that he had a horrible owner! One that encouraged his aggression and vicious breeding. In fact, that dog actually killed the other dog that resided there at one point while we sat helplessly and watched through the fence. It was a less than stellar introduction to the breed, but it was the 80's and we didn't know then what we do now.

As a teen, I was around many great Pitbulls, one named Cindy, I'm pretty sure was more pot-bellied pig than she was a pit bull and was as sweet as could be. And then there was Chopper. Chopper was an amazing dog we had as a teenager, he looked for all the world like some type of collie cross, but those who know dog breeds often knew otherwise. Despite looking like a collie, he was a pitbull coyote cross. He was a dog we rescued as a pup, him and his brother when working up in a logging camp. He was incredibly smart, gentle, and loved sticks and swimming in the lake we were working at. He tolerated kittens climbing on him like he was Mount Everest and children trying to give him a cookie he knew he wasn't allowed to have and I'm pretty sure he could smell peanut butter for miles. He climbed trees and treehouses, glided down slides, and was the best mountain biking and camping companion a teen could ever ask for.

As I grew up, I learned more about Pitbulls and had the joy of working with many over the years and I was heartbroken how much false media was being falsely relayed as facts. And let me tell you, my perception after working with many of them, is a far cry from my version of them in my head as a child. Including the AMAZING and beautiful girl, you might have noticed above. Her name's Emma and she's a THRIVER! She had her two front legs broken as a pup and underwent many many painful surgeries to help them heal again so she could walk and run again. These days, she can be found doing amazing zoomies and hanging out with her amazing mom.

I know now they are extremely loveable, smart and are amazing companions that regularly get a bad rep because of BAD PEOPLE. Even with pit bulls that have been betrayed by the other end of the leash, many are often able with a lot of time and care -