4 Reasons to book your professional pet photography session today.

1. capturing the first moments that will last a lifetime

Everyone LOVES looking at cute, adorable, squishy puppy faces online and daydreams of those funny puppy moments, and of course, of puppy breath. They are, after all, one of the cutest things ever, as all baby animals often are. That said, they, like human children, grow up in the blink of an eye it seems and like a human parent, you’ll want to capture those special baby moments when your fur-kid was just a pup.

In the case of being adopted, no matter their age, even as an older pup, having those special first moments captured forever to be able to look back on and remember those first special memories in your special journey together is nothing short of priceless to look back on one day.

While I always advocate capturing every moment, no matter if it’s with a cell phone or your own point and shoot; getting professional photos done with your fur-kids by a professional pet photographer, especially as your journey begins, no matter at what age, will ensure those beautiful memories will be forever memorialized on amazing artwork for your home, to share with those you love, that will last long after the memories start to fade.

2. electronics fail.