4 Reasons to book your professional pet photography session today.

1. capturing the first moments that will last a lifetime

Everyone LOVES looking at cute, adorable, squishy puppy faces online and daydreams of those funny puppy moments, and of course, of puppy breath. They are, after all, one of the cutest things ever, as all baby animals often are. That said, they, like human children, grow up in the blink of an eye it seems and like a human parent, you’ll want to capture those special baby moments when your fur-kid was just a pup.

In the case of being adopted, no matter their age, even as an older pup, having those special first moments captured forever to be able to look back on and remember those first special memories in your special journey together is nothing short of priceless to look back on one day.

While I always advocate capturing every moment, no matter if it’s with a cell phone or your own point and shoot; getting professional photos done with your fur-kids by a professional pet photographer, especially as your journey begins, no matter at what age, will ensure those beautiful memories will be forever memorialized on amazing artwork for your home, to share with those you love, that will last long after the memories start to fade.

2. electronics fail.

While I wish our fur-babies stayed with us until we crossed our own rainbow bridges, sadly, they always lead the way, and often long before we can join them. It is why highly recommend doing a Rainbow Bridge session with any senior pet (over age 10) or if your pet has been recently diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Too often, all we will have to remember our fur-kids by is digital photos from our phones or point and shoot cameras that have been stored on our PC, Phones or other electronic devices, which sadly, fail regularly. Digital media fails.

Having even a handful of your favorite images captured by a professional pet photographer that are printed on beautiful high-quality paper, coated to survive all that life throws its way, ensures that all your precious memories will be bright and vivid even if your PC crashes or your phone is hacked.

3. because Your fur-kid is part of your beautiful family

Pets are family too, and I know all of you taking the time to read this blog post, feel exactly the same way. They are not simply an animal, they are our best friends, our companions through all life throws at us and to many of us, they are our children who walk on four legs, are covered in fur and speak a foreign language.

We take photos with great regularity of our family members, our co-workers and even of us with our closest and dearest friends. Why not have some professional photos done with our very best of friends, the ones who dry our tears with sloppy kisses and never say a terse thing to us and simply listen and love us how we are and for who we are.

Much like we have those amazing photos done with our family, friends and even co-workers and place them on our walls for us to remember and to share; why shouldn’t we also display and share our amazing furry family members on our walls, on our desks or bookshelves or even on our howliday cards? Professional pet photographers order their artwork from professional photo labs, much like our human photographer counterparts, that create artwork for your home that will last long after your fur-kid crosses that rainbow bridge to wait for you.

4. If you are a pet business, you need high-quality marketing material

Another reason you might need to have some profession pet portraits done is that you have your own pet-related business. Be it as a groomer, dog trainer, dog walker, pet sitter or whatever the case might be, you need professional photos for your social media pages and website. The quality of the images your share, speaks volumes about your services and the products that you offer your own clients. I love working with great local pet businesses, so if you’re in need of updating your social media or website or want to hit the ground running with amazing photos, be sure to give me a bark today!

Of course, you’ll still want to take your own photos when the right moment strikes with your own devices, but for the purpose of creating beautiful keepsakes of your favorite family members (don't worry, I won't tell that they're your favorite), only a professional pet photographer can deliver the quality that does them and your special bond the justice it deserves.

If you're ready to capture and create some amazing memories with your furry family members - be sure to give me a bark today!