18 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your pets

Tis the season for getting out the holiday decorations and planning out the fun you'd like to enjoy this year for the Howlidays! In honor of all my fellow planners out there, today I'm sharing 10 fun ways to celebrate the Howlidays with your fur-kids so you can start adding fun activities into your plans!

  1. Does your pup LOVE a good car ride? Then load up into the car and take a cruise looking at all the twinkling Christmas lights - and it's 100% Covid safe! Have a bunch around your area? Maybe take a stroll with Fido and enjoy them outside too!

  2. Who doesn't love baking over the Howlidays? So be sure to include Fido in the festivities and bake them some treats too. If you're wanting some fun, howliday treat recipes - check out my Pinterest page here for more!

  3. And because we all know we always end up making way more than we thought, be sure to go and share some goodies with your neighbors.

  4. Get all dressed up! Be it a super cute and frilly howliday dress to some new accessories for their collar and everything in between, be sure to glam up Fido's outfits for the howliday season!

  5. Holiday pictures are a must and I'm not just saying that because I'm totally biased. While getting your crew to sit still and look presentable for a family photo often takes divine intervention, capturing these special memories is 110% worth it! And remember, if you're worried you can't capture Fido in all their Howliday perfection - be sure to give a shout out to your local pet photographer and see if they can't help you capture some fun howliday memories!

  6. Relax and enjoy some downtime together. While 2020 has been regularly about living in the moment and taking time to relax, there's something special about doing just that over the Howlidays with our fur-kids. Be it snuggling up with your favorite Howliday book and a mug of cider in front of the fireplace or binge-watching your favorite howliday shows - be sure to take a moment to just be. If your pet seems stressed from the hustling and bustling — and many do — have a safe place for him or her away from all the activities. Be sure to have a soft area for sleep, a toy or two, water, and food at their disposal. It’s very important that our dogs have a place to go and lay down and be by themselves.

  7. Sing Christmas Carols, while this may be fun most years, sadly this one won't be happening this year for many, so be sure to improvise. Maybe do some Howliday Karaoke with your family to try and enjoy the same fun.

  8. Start a new tradition by planting a memory. To do this simply plant a live Christmas tree every year in your yard and take a family photo with your trees as they grow and change over the years. Our furkids are only with us for a few short years, and having special memories to reflect on making life with dogs that much sweeter.

  9. Create or purchase an Advent Calendar for Dogs! Why not make an Advent calendar with treats and toys for your dog? It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just a little something to play with, to cuddle with, or to eat.

  10. Let your fur-kid help out when it's time to hand out gifts. This may require a little pre-Christmas preparation but the fun-factor will definitely be worth it. Begin your dog’s Christmas training by asking him to bring you something and rewarding him with a dog treat (Christmas dog treat) when he brings it. Most dogs get the idea quickly and imagine the fun and special moments you will enjoy having Fido helping hand out gifts this year!

  11. Go outside and play! Everyone needs a play break outside so be sure to give your pup a good run and wear him out before you get the company for Christmas dinner. This way, your dog will be happy and relaxed when greeting guests.