13 fall exercises and tips to keep your furkid in shape +4 tips for walking in the fall weather

It looks like fall has finally made its appearance here in the great Pacific Northwest, so today I thought I'd share 13 great ways to keep your fur-kids occupied during the wet weather and a few safety tips if you have to head out into the muckiness of it all with your fur-kids too!

1. Play a game with them indoors. Some favorites include playing fetch, hide and seek, or even tug-of-war. They say that playing hide-and-seek with your dog and their favorite toys can get them moving and mentally engaged and can also help reinforce their come command.

2. Step it up! If you live in a multi-level home or apartment building, take advantage of the free workout equipment that’s at your disposal – the stairs. Keep in mind only do this if your fur-kids knees are healthy, walking or running up and downstairs will provide a great workout for both you and your dog. If you don't have stairs, you can also try using a dog or human treadmills to exercise your dog. Just make sure you take the right precautions and spend time familiarizing your dog with how treadmills work.

3. Create an indoor agility course using household objects like chairs, blankets, brooms, and buckets, you can create an agility course in which your dog will enjoy navigating and weaving. Take short breaks between obstacles for obedience training and small workouts.

4. Exercise their mind. While physical exercise is important, so, too, is a mental exercise. We never really think of it, but often our fur-kids' minds get simply bored! If you’re stuck inside, teach her new tricks or give her a puzzle toy that is fun and interactive and works on their cognitive abilities. Or teach them a new trick - like "spin" or "back up" will really get their minds and body moving. Remember to be patient when teaching new tricks!

5. Challenge your dog’s nose. Dogs have incredibly powerful scenting abilities, so exercises that require your pal to use their noses are especially stimulating. Things like Kongs or Buster Balls or even a fun obstacle course with a great treat at the end are all fun ways to engage their noses at home.