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10 reasons why less adoptable pets make truly amazing pets to adopt + how you can help them

As a pet and an animal rescue photographer, I have had the joy of working with a wide range of amazing pets. From puppies to seniors, cats to horses and that includes abilities of all shapes and sizes too! I've had the joy of working with special needs pets who are deaf, blind, tripod, and other amazing fur-kids, and let me tell you - they are ALL FANTASTIC in their own UNIQUE way! I've also had the joy of working with gentle seniors, beautiful bullies, black pets, pets who have a few behavioral issues, and large breed dogs too. They are all beautiful, adoptable and some of the BEST fur-kids to have if you ask me.

As someone who has a chronic degenerative disease myself, all of those amazing "less adoptable" specially-abled fur-kids - they always leave extra special hoof, and paw prints on my heart and all have taught me about perseverance, resilience, living in the moment, and not letting something that makes you different, hold you back. And the funny thing about when specially-abled pets interact with "normal" pets? They don't treat each other any differently than they do anyone else and they truly don't act any differently either. There is no pity, no judgment or thinking they are less capable of really anything. They treat them the same. Isn't that an amazing + beautiful message? So the question is, why do we define others, be they four-legged or two-legged by such obtuse standards? We should truly take a page from our four-legged fur-kids' books and simply love them all the same.

This week is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week which not only includes AMAZING special needs pets but also Senior Pets, Bully Breeds, Black Pets, Pets with Behavioral Issues, and Large Breed Dogs. So in honor of these PAWTASTIC fur-kids who get a bad rap, here are 10 reasons why they are simply the most beautiful pets to adopt and how you can lend them a helping paw this week and every week!

Here we go 10 Pawsome reasons they are THE BEST FURKIDS on the planet:

  1. Older pets are way more mellow and happy to lounge for the day. Added bonus? They’re already house-trained, and those frightful puppy chewing days are over. If you have a quieter lifestyle or no time or patience to "puppy train" consider a senior or older pet.

  2. Pets who have behavioral issues allow you to bond with them as you work together to improve their comfort level in their surroundings. Not unlike people who have issues to work out, they just need time, patience, and a lot of love.

  3. Special needs pets will inspire you with their ability to overcome obstacles and live happily in the moment! Seriously, they teach us the most beautiful lessons about life!

  4. Special needs pets still love their humans just as much as any other pet! You both can rely on each other for anything. They truly see nothing wrong with the way they are, only WE do. So don't judge these books by their covers - they are truly some of the most amazing pets you'll ever have the joy of entering your life! Plus, it is a great conversation starter and way to make people aware of dog and even human disabilities in public!

  5. Dogs that are simply “too large,” there’s just means that there is more to love! And they also make great protectors too, even if they're not a lap dog.

  6. Black fur is far easier to combat than white- it hides on clothes far better. They're truly no different than any other pet and are always happy to show you how normal they are! So set your superstitions aside and open your hearts to love!

  7. Don’t believe the myths. Pit Bulls and other blocky-headed dogs can make loyal companions.

  8. Pit breeds are also: athletic, eager to please, giant goofballs guaranteed to make you laugh regularly, give the best smooches, LOVE people, and are giant cuddle bugs who swear they are lap dogs. Truly, as someone who's owned a pit breed dog in the past, they are amazing - don't believe the myths or the hype.

  9. Caring for a sick pet can be hard which is why pets who battle ongoing health issues can be hard to get adopted as they are often overlooked. Whether the animal is faced with an incurable, but a manageable illness or a neurological issue, these animals require more care. If you are able to provide the additional care and resources they will need, consider adopting a sick pet. They still have a ton of love to give and will show you more gratitude than you could ever imagine!

  10. What makes them different, also makes them unique and one of a kind! No matter their differences or challenges, their love for you will be the same.

8 Amazing ways you can help these amazing rescue pets!

  1. ADOPT ONE and have greatness by your side!

  2. FOSTER ONE and help them find an amazing happy tail

  3. Share their photos on social media. Social media has helped many pets find their forever homes in recent years. Use your online social presence to bring awareness to the adoptability of black dogs and cats, seniors pets, and special needs pets.

  4. Educate your friends and family. Knowledge is power, so share it! Tell people about black dog syndrome and the benefits of having a senior or special needs pet by your side!

  5. Share your story! If you have shared your life with a black pet, a special needs pet, or a senior pet, share your story. Sharing positive stories can help change the stigma associated with these categories of pets. My hope is that 10-20 years from now these categories are no longer considered “less adoptable”.

  6. Sponsor one - many shelters have a pet sponsorship program - donate directly to helping a special pet find their happy tails, even if you can't adopt them or foster them.

  7. Donate to your local rescue so they can keep helping these amazing pets in need! These pets need lots of extra TLC so be sure to lend them a helping paw to give it to them!

  8. Use your unique skills to help your local shelter find them a home! Love to sew? What about making them a special banana or t-shirt? Photography's your passion? What about taking amazing pet photos for them? Social Media your game? Be sure to help spread the word about these unique pets! Love to plan a great event? Help them fundraise and help people meet true greatness!

Do you have an amazing special fur-kid that you adopted? Be sure to share them with us today!



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